I’ll read just about anything, but nothing catches my eye quite like a celebrity memoir, especially if they’re billed as a tell-all or from a celebrity who doesn’t speak out much in the media. This fall is chock full of memoirs, celebrity cookbooks, and reality TV tell-alls and I cannot wait to read them all! Here’s a look at eight celebrity books and memoirs coming out this fall

Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood YearsThis is the second memoir out by Julie Andrew, our favorite Queen of Genovia, and I’m really looking forward to reading about her career in Hollywood.

MeThe impending release of the Rocketman Elton John biopic and his announced retirement has me on an Elton John kick recently and this memoir is about to slay me, I’m sure. A tell-all about his life, those around him, and a look inside the legend.

Gracefully You: How to Live Your Best Life Every DayA self-help styled memoir about beauty, grace and sophistication? From THE Jenna Dewan (no longer Tatum…). Sign me up. This book is billed as perfect for fans of Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson’s lifestyle books, so I’m excited to see what Dewan adds to the conversation and what glimpses she gives us into her life.

Now Accepting Roses: Finding Myself While Searching for the One . . . and Other Lessons I Learned from “The Bachelor”I love the Bachelor and The Bachelorette. It’s the guilty pleasure I don’t feel guilty about, but I love books and behind the scenes stuff from the show even more. This tell-all/self-help memoir from Amanda Stanton, one of the most talked about contestants on the show, is sure to be a fascinating read.

More Myself: A JourneyAn Alicia Keys memoir? Yes please. I’m sure her insight in this book is going to blow us away. I can’t wait to see her book tour for this!

Hurricanes: A MemoirI know pretty much nothing about Rick Ross, but the promise of this book’s summary that it will detail his come up from the Miami crack epidemic to stardom is fascinating and I’m excited to learn more! This sounds like a book I’ll want on audio so I can hopefully hear the man himself narrate his story.

Antoni in the KitchenFour of the Queer Eye guys have books coming out in 2019. Antoni, the resident food guy, is tackling a cookbook that will include some memoir qualities and stories but also be a great addition to any kitchen.

Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-LoveAnother Queer Eye book, Jonathan Van Ness the grooming guy with beautiful hair tackles the traditional memoir. Jonathan is the Queer Eye guy I connect with the least on the show, so I’m excited to learn his story since I’ve already read the memoirs from Karamo and Tan! Justice for Bobby though, am I right?

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Aryssa D
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