Which Republican women are repping your letters on Capitol Hill or in their Governor mansions? Lets get a break down of current Republican elected officials that are members of a Greek life.

Since Carolyn B. Shelton, there have been 42 women to serve as a governor of a state in the United States of America. Of the 42 female governors, 19% were involved in Greek life. Though, only 7.1% were Republican.

Mary Fallin

Governor, Oklahoma

Sorority Affiliation: Kappa Alpha Theta


Kay Ivey

Governor, Alabama

Sorority Affiliation: Alpha Gamma Delta


Since the first woman to hold national office, Jeannette Rankin, nearly 300 women have served in the Congress. Of those, 12.7% of those women are members of a sorority.

Susan Brooks

House of Representatives, Indiana

Sorority Affiliation: Alpha Omicron Pi


Marsha Blackburn

House of Representatives, Tennessee

Sorority Affiliation: Chi Omega


Martha Roby

House of Representatives, Alabama

Sorority Affiliation: Kappa Kappa Gamma


Lisa Murkowski

Senator, Alaska

Sorority Affiliation: Pi Beta Phi

Shelley Moore Capito

Senator, West Virginia

Sorority Affiliation: Kappa Kappa Gamma


Deb Fischer

Senator, Nebraska

Sorority Affiliation: Gamma Phi Beta

 Are any of these Republican women representing your sorority?

Caroline O