You heard right, ladies. FFL Cabinet applications are coming soon.   We are so excited to welcome new ladies into the FFL family. If you’re on the fence about applying, please reconsider. We would love to have you join America’s leading social movement for young, conservative women!  Here are 8 reasons why you should apply to the Cabinet Member Program: 

1. Life Long Friendships

What better way to make friends with so many young ladies who share your political values? The FFL Cabinet has brought about many great friendships – even those who are across the country from each other.  Each one of us are so different with different fields of study, age, personal style, hometowns, and even political stances sometimes, but we learn from each other.  We are bound together by our love for America, limited government, and giving young women a voice in the political arena. 

2. Networking and Mentoring

The FFL Cabinet is made up of ladies in all walks on life, from girls just starting college to girls finishing up college to girls already out and working in the real world. In this program you’ll experience connections and guidance from all ends of the spectrum of life.  From a letter of recommendation for a sorority, getting in touch with an organization about liberal bias on your campus, or getting involved in a campaign – we are always giving each other a hand and sharing connections.  You’ll even get assigned a mentor within the FFL Cabinet Program to help you get the most of out the experience and opportunity. 

3. Having Your Own Discount code

If you’re anything like me and can be found wearing FFL most days of the year, the FFL discount code is a saving grace. As a cabinet member, you’re given a distinct discount code that is worth 10% off at checkout. You can share it with others within your community and social media network, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of it yourself – I know I have! In addition, you even have the option to help design future FFL products. Heaven. 

4. Changing The Way Young Women Perceive Current Events And Politics

In this day, so many young women want nothing to do with current events and politics, but the FFL organization is determined to change that.  We truly believe there is nothing more empowering and independent than keeping yourself informed in what’s going on in the world around you. FFL has an uncanny ability to relate politics to young women emotions.  We are passionate about showing women that politics is anything but boring and how it is relevant to their lives.  There is nothing more wonderful than hearing that FFL, or yourself, was an integral part of someone starting on their political journey… and being a part of FFL, you hear this VERY often.  


5. Once In A Lifetime Travel Opportunities 

One of the biggest perks of being an FFL Cabinet Member is the opportunity to travel to conferences around the country to spread the FFL message and sell FFL merchandise.  Past conferences that FFL Cabinet Members have attended have included Conservative Political Action Conference, CRNC Biennial Convention, TPUSA Young Women Leadership Summit, and more.  These experiences are amazing, because not only do we get to spread a message we are passionate about and travel to fun places, but we also finally get to meet our fellow Cabinet Members and Contributors face to face and solidify our sense of community and friendships.  

6. Loyal Readership

In a world where everyone and their dog has a blog, it is hard to attract readers to something you’ve written, no matter how much time and effort you put into it. FFL comes with a built-in readership of hundreds of thousands of people that are eager to read your columns daily, whether it is about elections or how to rock those new pair of heels at your summer internship.

7. The Extra Cash

Where else are you going to have the ability to earn cash for writing articles about what interests you and for promoting clothes you’re already going to be wearing? Very few writing gigs pay these days, since there are just so many out there.  FFL wants it’s Cabinet Members to know they are loved and appreciated, and what we write is worth something.


8. Boss Mom Amanda

Doing what you love is extra rewarding when your boss is AMAZING! Amanda Owens is an awesome boss who knows how to take a company to the top, while keeping her employees happy. I’ve had several bosses in my life and Amanda is up there towards the top. Her leadership is what has gotten FFL this far, and it is a joy to work for her.

To learn more about the Cabinet Member Program or to apply, please click here!

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member