It is such an honor for a friend to ask you to be a bridesmaid in their wedding. When asked to be a bridesmaid, it signifies that you have played a pivotal role in the bride’s life that she would like you to stand next to her as she marries her future spouse. However, with being a bridesmaid, comes certain duties and responsibilities. Here are 8 things you need to know before being a bridesmaid. 

1) The cost of your bridesmaids dress and dress alterations

Be prepared to purchase a bridesmaid dress. They can range anywhere from $75 to more than $300. The bride chose the bridesmaid dresses for a specific reason. It’s best to keep your opinions to yourself. Also, it is likely that your dress will need alterations in some capacity. Be prepared for that cost as well. Make sure you order your bridesmaids dress at least 6 months prior to the wedding to ensure you have enough time for shipping and any alterations that may need to be done.

2) Conversing with the bride prior to the wedding

The bride, groom and their families are likely working hard to create a special day for the couple. You may or may not agree with all of their decisions, but remember to always keep your opinions to yourself. When conversing with the bride, make sure you are always actively listening and are excited about this time in her life.

3) Bridal showers

Being a bridesmaid signifies that you made a significant influence on the bride’s life. She is likely trying to cherish every moment of her engagement so make every effort to attend one of her bridal showers. It is a time to celebrate the engagement as the couple prepares for a new time in life. If you cannot attend a bridal shower, make sure you send a gift to the couple.

4) Bachelorette party

Bachelorette parties/weekends can be expensive. If you are in a wedding, it is a great idea to go ahead and start saving for this. Most brides are understanding of everyone’s schedules and often offer a few dates to the bridal party before settling on a date. Make sure you talk with the Maid/Matron of Honor to see how you can help with the bachelorette party/weekend. Be aware that some brides are more conservative than others when it comes to activities and decorations. If you are helping plan the party/weekend, remember that the party and/or weekend is about the bride, not you.   

5) Getting to the wedding destination

Make sure you get to the city where the wedding is in time to also attend the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. I recommend getting in early the day of the rehearsal and seeing if there is anything you can help the bride. 

6) Plus one etiquette

Pay attention to if your wedding invitation says “and guest.” If it does, you are welcome to bring a plus one. If not, don’t. The bride and groom have likely worked on their guest list for months leading up to the wedding. It is tacky to bring a plus one when you were not invited to do so.

7) Wedding day

It will likely be a stressful yet exciting time for the bride and her mother the day of the wedding. The more ways you can help, the better. However, if an issue does arise, stay out of it unless asked to assist.

8) Reception

Please do not over consume alcohol at the reception. When the bride and groom get their wedding/reception pictures back, they do not want to see a member of the wedding party extremely intoxicated. Have a good time, and act appropriately. It may be a party, but there are likely multiple family members of the bride and groom are there, so keep that in mind when celebrating.

Kallie B
When Kallie is not working full time trying to raise money, she is often studying how people process political messages. Powered with 2 undergraduate degrees, 1 graduate degree and now working towards a Ph.D., she has dived into the world of political communication and psychophysiological research. She is a 5th generation Texan, and has been in politics since she was 8 years old.