Friday marked the 44th birthday of a man whom many of us know by name but few know much more about. Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee Chairman, is our topic of conversation today. Who is this powerful man?  Here are eight things you might not know about Reince Priebus.

1. He’s the former chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party

Reince Priebus didn’t step onto the national stage without some experience to back up his campaign for election to Chairman. After moving to Wisconsin from New Jersey at age seven, he spent a large chunk of his life involved in politics, which ultimately led to him serving as Chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party from 2007-2009. He stepped down to serve as general counsel for the Republican National Convention. 

2. He was president of his College Republicans

That’s right, everyone. You too could be like Reince Priebus, if you lead your College Republicans valiantly and fight the Right fight on your campus. The skills he learned as a College Republican and the connections he made no doubt made a big impact in his political career.

3. He is Greek Orthodox

In an election year where I hear the word “Evangelical” almost as often as I hear the word “President,” members of the Greek Orthodox church who are also prominent Republicans is something to take note of. In recent years, many have accused Orthodox churches of being “infected by liberalism” but Reince seems to be handling it just fine.

4. His chairmanship was supported by Scott Walker

This should be no surprise, if you take into account his success as the Chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party. However, it is notable for future reference as we watch what the future may hold for Governor Scott Walker, who was the first Republican presidential candidate to suspend his campaign in this election cycle.  Reince was also involved in Scott Walker’s gubernatorial campaigns in 2010 and 2014 and the recall election in 2012.  Having the backing of such a successful Governor no doubt helped him secure the Chairmanship in 2011.

5. Reince raised $88 million for the Republican National Committee in his first year as Chairman

When Reince Priebus took over as the Chairman of the Republican National Committee in 2011, it was $23 million dollars in debt. Thanks to his fundraising efforts and initiatives to cut spending where he could, he cut this debt down to $11.8 million in the first year, which is remarkably impressive.

6. He convinced CNN and NBC to cancel their planned biopics on Hillary Clinton

When there was talk of these two majors news networks planning biopics of Hillary Clinton’s life, Reince saw it for what it was: free campaigning and advertisement for Hillary. He knew those news networks weren’t going to tell the truth about Hillary. So he applied a little pressure, by insinuating that if they went through with the projects, it would be extremely difficult for the two networks to host Republican primary debates. I for one am proud of Reince for using what leverage he could to protect the people from the lies and tyranny that would ensue from a liberal-backed Hillary Clinton documentary.

7. Reince is the first Chairman to serve three consecutive terms as Chairman with a Democrat in the White House

When there is a Democrat in the White House, Republicans are unhappy. It is how life works. When people are upset in general, they often take that anger out on their leaders and seek leadership changes. The fact that Reince has been elected to a successful three terms when the Republican party is a bit unsatisfied with the national leadership sitting in the White House says a lot about his leadership skills, his personality, and our respect and admiration for him.

8. Reince and his wife Sally were high school sweethearts

We love a good story of high school sweethearts making it in the real world! Reince and his wife Sally met in high school and even went to prom together! They married in 1999 and now have two children.