Each spring, hundreds of conservatives flock to National Harbor, Maryland, for the Conservative Political Action Conference, also known as CPAC. Many of our FFL readers attend, and whether it is your first time or your fifth time, sometimes we all need a little refresher on what to pack. Here’s a list of necessities every girl should bring to CPAC.

1) Business casual dresses

Dresses for women are considered the norm at CPAC. While most women stick with a more business casual look, you may want to pack one formal dress, especially if you plan on attending the Reagan dinner.

2) Skirts

Skirts are also a popular option, especially our FFL elephant skirts. What better way to show your support for Republican politics than with an elephant skirt?  Many women also wear patterned or plain skirts with a cute blouse.

3) Nude heels

Nude heels are the perfect shoe because they go with everything – dresses, skirts, and even dress pants. However, be sure to not wear too high of a heel, since you will be on your feet all day as you walk around the convention center.

4) Flats

Packing a pair of comfortable flats will be your life saver by the end the day, especially when grabbing dinner and walking around the convention center at night.

5) Pants

If you are not into dresses or skirts, dress pants will do the trick! Try black, navy, or dark grey pants with a fancy blouse and a statement necklace. Old Navy’s Pixie Pants are an affordable and cute option.

6) Peacoat

Peacoats are a must for CPAC, especially since they serve their purpose of keeping you warm while looking trendy. Many stores are also beginning to put them on sale, so be sure to check if you do not already have one.

7) Statement necklaces

Statement necklaces are a great accessory when your outfit needs a little more “pop” and “jazz.” J. Crew and Francesca’s have necklaces of all sizes and styles!

8) Business cards and resumes

Since networking is highly encouraged at CPAC, be sure to bring some business cards or extra resumes. You never know who you might run into!

By following this checklist, you’ll be on your way to CPAC in style and confidence. We hope all our readers attending CPAC have a “grand ole time,” and don’t forget to network.

Haley F
Chances are I'm either watching Fox News or daydreaming about Disney with a jar of Nutella in hand.

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