I’ve never loved getting up in the morning, which resulted in a lot of tardies during my middle school years. Now that I’m in college, I’ve had to figure out ways to hack the system to make my mornings less horrendous. The reality is early mornings cannot be avoided. Throughout the years, I’ve collected some tips and tricks to make mornings a lot easier. Most of them are done the night before. Here are some of the things you can do the night before to make each morning a breeze. 

Check the weather and plan your outfit accordingly

Check out the weather the night before. Plan your outfit and hang it where you can easily reach it in the morning. Keep in mind your activities for the following day so you don’t have to change multiple times.

Make any necessary preparations for your morning drink

If you make coffee every morning, prep your coffee machine so you can flip it on while you’re on the way to the shower and have a steaming cup of joe or tea ready when you come out. If you do smoothies, prep your fruit. Your morning will feel much better with your favorite beverage set and ready to go.

Pack your backpack or purse for the next day

There are few things more stressful than waking up late in the morning and scrambling. I hate getting to my first class of the day and realizing that in my morning rush I forgot a pen, my notes, or even my sunglasses. I’ve learned to avoid this. Pack a backpack the night before and simply double-check it before going out the door. 

Charge your phone and set your alarm

A whole day can be thrown off if you wake up with low battery, or even worse, forgetting to set an alarm. Do this the night before. I usually listen to a podcast as I fall asleep, so I make sure I’ve already set my alarm and put my phone on the charger. I never know when I’m going to succumb to sleep. Not having a charged phone all day simply isn’t an option.

Pack your lunch

I always make sure to pack my lunch the night before, even if that means putting a frozen meal into my lunch box and sticking a note on the fridge so I don’t forget it. If you meal prep, you don’t want to forgot that hard work at home, Take a few extra minutes each night to pack a lunch. Make sure you don’t forget it the next morning – which, I think, is the hardest part. 

Make a to do list for the next day

I always feel more in control of the day when I wake up and have a list telling me exactly what I have to do that day. Making it the night before also takes the pressure off in the morning. Having a to do list always make me feel better, and it certainly makes my mornings a lot easier.

Mark any email that need handled in the morning

Professors take note when you respond to their emails after midnight, and so do potential employers and the like. If an email is that important, go ahead and take care of it before you go to bed. Most emails can be put off until morning. If you’re like me and want to keep your inbox clean, star the emails that need taken care of each morning, or even put them in their own folder.

Prepare the trash to be taken out as you leave

Taking out the trash is always something I intend to do and then forget until the last minute. Bag up your trash and your recycling separately, make sure it’s not leaky, and set it by the door so you can simply grab and go in the morning.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member