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It’s hard to believe it’s only been 100 days since President Trump took his oath of office and officially became the 45th president. The first 100 days idea was created with President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Ever since, the media, the country, and the administrations alike have used the milestone to gauge the initial progress of a new administration. There will be no shortage of hot takes throughout the weekend on Trump’s first 100 days, but I was particularly interested in getting and sharing the thoughts of FFL’s key demographic – conservative women.

Some showed up for Trump at the ballot box in November, some did not. Now that he’s president, some support Donald Trump and his agenda passionately, some have warmed up to his policies, and some are frustrated with how his presidency has gone thus far. It’s no secret we’re not a monolithic crowd. I asked 9 conservative women to share their thoughts on Trump’s first 100 days, here’s what they had to say:


Courtesy of Caroline Craig

Caroline Craig, 22, Raleigh, NC

Are you reading this? You’re alive? Your human rights weren’t taken away? Every ounce of your life hasn’t shattered? Congratulations, you’ve successfully learned how the smooth transition from president to president works! I only say this because of the sensationalization of Trump’s presidency. People predicted that Trump’s first 100 days would be the worst, but life has carried on in a much similar fashion as to how it did when President Obama was in office. I don’t think President Trump is the perfect president and I oftentimes find myself criticizing his use of Twitter, the amount of time spent at Mar-a-Lago, and the choices of those he surrounds himself with. I’m torn on his foreign policy but I truly believe he is not acting without constitutional authority. Being commander in chief calling for the execution of plans and being the president wanting to declare war are two different things. I find it hard to believe that President Trump was in the wrong for bombing a known ISIS tunnel complex. I must say I was impressed with his executive order for women in STEM jobs and his executive order for Historically Black Colleges and Universities for more funding. This is a side of Trump many haven’t seen and the amount of air time those stories got on TV were immensely underwhelming. Compared to what I thought the first 100 days would be, I am pleasantly surprised as someone who was a skeptic. I mean it could be worse….Hillary Clinton could’ve been president.”

Courtesy of Sarah Hagmayer

Sarah Hagmayer, 20, Tabernacle, NJ

“I think President Trump’s first 100 days have been frustrating. His first week signing executive orders was extremely productive, and while I am still confident and reassured by our President, what frustrates me most are the slimy politicians who continue to want to alter and block his agenda. Our President helped give Republicans a perfect opportunity to get back on track, but if Congress and Speaker Paul Ryan won’t match Trump’s ambition, his term won’t nearly be as successful as the potential it has to be.”


Courtesy of Kassy Dillon

Kassy Dillon, 21, South Hadley, MA, Founder of Lone Conservative

“President Trump’s first 100 days have been quite productive. From holding more rallies to intensifying the fight against ISIS, he has attempted to inform the American people and make strides in many different policy areas. Although he had setbacks such as the healthcare bill and temporary immigration ban, he has continued to keep many of the promises he made on the campaign trail. His biggest accomplishments thus far have been the confirmation of Justice Gorsuch and the resurgence of American leadership in international politics. If these first 100 days are an indicator of how these next four years will go, one thing is clear: we will continue to see big changes.”


Courtesy of Kelci Webb

Kelci Webb, 22, Louisville, KY 

“I think that President Trump has worked tirelessly in his first 100 days. While of course there have been things I don’t agree with in regards to immigration, I truly believe that he wants what is best for America. Trump has done all that he can to make his voice heard and to prove to Americans that he will keep his promises. As someone who had so many peoples against him,  I believe that Trump has made people change their minds about him a little bit. I am excited to see the strides that he makes as our President and to see all of the work that he gets done.”


Courtesy of Jenee Cruise

Jenee Cruise, 18, Bakersfield, CA

“November 8, 2016 was a historic day in American History. For Conservatives it was the day, after eight years of watching our country be brought down to its knees and after a year of relentless efforts to turn the fate of our nation back around, we were finally rewarded with a victory. Donald J. Trump, despite all of the odds stacked against him, was elected 45th President of the United States of America. January 20, 2017 was just as historic, as it was the formal celebration and transfer of power. From that moment on we saw Donald Trump hit the ground running in a way we’ve seen few before him do the same and he hasn’t stopped since. In his first 100 days we’ve seen him take actions almost too numerous to count, but collectively they include frozen government hiring, steps taken toward strengthening our border, conversations held with numerous world leaders, attempted ban on immigration from countries of terror, heightened strength and respect for our military, Neil Gorsuch sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice, and missiles launched into Syria and MOAB into an ISIS base in Afghanistan. I look forward to the next four (or eight) years of constant news headlines of steps the Trump administration has taken and will be proud to say, “That IS my president!””

Courtesy of Jessica Browning

Jessica Browning, 21, College Station, TX, Co-Chair candidate for the College Republican National Committee

“President Trump nominating and overseeing the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court is an action that will leave a lasting impact on history. Gorsuch, a true originalist, is an excellent pick to fulfill the vacancy spot on the court that was once held by Justice Antonin Scalia. Throughout his first 100 days, President Trump has followed through with various promises that he shared throughout his campaign. Including an executive order, that weakens the bureaucracy, requiring federal agencies to eliminate at least two regulations when enacting a new one.”


Courtesy of Allie Stuckey

Allie Stuckey, 25, Dallas, TX, Author, The Conservative Millennial Blog, Contributor at TheBlaze

“For many, Trump’s first 100 days have been infused with hope; for others, they have been infested with disappointment. For me, they have been, in general, much what I expected. In the primaries, I opposed Trump for his lack of true conservatism. In the general election, however, I recognized that he was our only saving grace from a presidency riddled with the corruption and deceit of Hillary Clinton;  I thus threw him my full support. That said, I knew his presidency wasn’t going to be perfect. I knew he wouldn’t fill all of my small government, pro-constitution hopes and dreams. But I also knew that he would preserve our freedom, protect life and perpetuate democracy more effectively than the previous administration, and that’s more than I could say about the alternative. In many ways – such as his steps to preserve the unborn, to protect our borders and to fight Islamist terror – he has met those expectations, and I trust he will continue to do so in the next 4-8 years. “


Courtesy of Marina Ariana Jaimes

Marina Ariana Jaimes, 19, Aurora, IL

“When Donald Trump made his first hints that he was running for President, he mainly took a stand on the immigration issues that America was facing and brought up a topic that many candidates were trying to avoid. He offended many, but attracted even more Americans that believed coming into a country is not a right and should be done legally in order to protect the safety of citizens. As a Latina conservative, I advocated for Trump to those who claimed he was a racist for this statement. His criticism for enforcing laws clearly demonstrates that the atmosphere from Obama’s presidency needed a serious change.  Although a lot of promises made during the Trump campaign have not taken place, I  am extremely happy that the inauguration of the President has drastically decreased illegal immigration along the southern border and that immigration officials are finally cracking down on deporting those who illegally entered the country. In his first 100 days, Trump has made America safer and more confident that their government officials are finally being forced to do their job, a change from the past eight years.  I hope to see that the next four years include stricter immigration laws, cooperation from “sanctuary” cities, and more citizens valuing America  over their personal feelings.”


Courtesy of Anna Katherine Clarke

Anna Katherine Clarke, 20, Chattanooga, TN

“President Trump’s first 100 days in office, in my opinion can be summarized by President Trump challenges the status quo. Which, I believe is something to be admired. Examples such as The American Health Care Act’s attempt to remove Obamacare, while not perfect, still showed that the President fully intends upon abolishing and replacing Obamacare, and therefore accomplishing one of his campaign promises. Another example, is his foreign policy which I believe that President Trump has shown that he is serious and he does mean business.”


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