Having a boyfriend or girlfriend can be expensive at times.  You both want to do so many things and go so many different places that it all adds up and can cost a bundle. Christmas is even worse because there are so many more opportunities and festive places to go that can add on to your already dwindling budget. Here are a few ideas of places to go and what to do with your significant other during the holiday season – without breaking the bank.

1) Go see Christmas lights

You don’t have to spend a fortune on something that is so traditional during the Christmas season. Drive to a neighborhood you know of that goes all out on decorations. Park your car and walk around together admiring all of the fun Christmas lights around you. It might be a little cold so make sure you bundle up and maybe bring some warm apple cider along with you.

2) Make a a gingerbread house together

This is the epitome of what every couple thinks about doing during the holiday season. Whether you’re the type of couple that is really in to making your gingerbread house perfect or you’re the type of couple that rather have an icing war with one another, the gingerbread house is for every couple.

3) Go ice skating

With the colder weather approaching and winter almost here, it can put anyone in the mood for ice skating. Check out your local skating rink because a lot of them have a deal where if the temperature gets below a certain degree, you can skate for a cheaper price and sometimes for free if it’s an outdoor skating rink. 

4) Stay home and watch Christmas movies with hot cocoa

Sometimes just staying in together, picking your favorite Christmas movie and making a great cup of hot cocoa while snuggling up by the fire can be the perfect date that won’t cost you a dime.

5) Christmas caroling

If you belong to a church, most will have caroling events where the congregation can sign up to go caroling with a group of others from the church in a neighboring community.

6) Decorating your apartment or house together

If you still haven’t decorated your place, why not ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to come over and you can do it together, while listening to Christmas music. This can be a good idea for next year as well, if you have already decorated.

7) Have a day in the snow

Depending on where you live, you might have some snowflakes.  If you’re really lucky, you get snowed in with your boyfriend or girlfriend. This can make for a great time, going outside and having snowball fights, making snow angels, making a snowman, going sledding, or even making snow cream for a tasty treat.

8) Make your significant other a holiday seasoned meal

We have all heard the saying “food is a way to the heart” and in this case, it very well could be for your significant other. Find out your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s favorite holiday meal and find a recipe online and prepare to win your significant other’s heart by the love of food.

9) Go window shopping together

Window shopping can be a fun idea while also giving eachother ideas for Christmas gifts. This way your significant other can keep you from buying an entire store that you’d probably end up doing if you were alone. 

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year to you and yours.

Kaitlin O