Listen, we all know this probably will not happen. Even if he managed to get all of the delegates necessary, we know that the Democratic Party would figure out a way to stop him. However, many of my Facebook friends that are in college, think that Bernie Sanders is their Lord and Savior and will solve all of their imaginary first world problems. What they fail to realize is how a Sanders presidency would horribly change our country, and it would be difficult to rebound from that. Here are nine terms you’ll need to know on the off chance that Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders become president.

1) Bread Lines

Bread lines are what we all will be standing in while we wait for some sort of food to hold us over because we can no longer afford to go buy our own food, since all grocery stores are government owned and therefore extremely overpriced and inefficient.

2) Sharing

Sharing is what we were told we’d be doing, but we thought sharing implied that there was something worth splitting. Instead of sharing the “wealth,” we will simply be sharing poverty and squalor. Sharing is what Big Brother wants you to do while he hogs all the good stuff.

3) Eminent Domain

You may have thought eminent domain was just something Donald Trump brought up during a debate, but if Bernie becomes president, eminent domain is what you’ll be cursing when the government seizes the house you worked for years to afford and turns it into a commune or a factory and pays you a handful of dimes and a loaf of bread for your trouble.

4) Unemployment

Unemployment is what we will all be experiencing across the nation because someone thought a $15 minimum wage for people who flip hamburgers was a good idea. Thanks to bad choices by the government, businesses will be forced to lay off employees en masse and the Unemployment Office will be your next destination.

5) Scarcity

If you like having a lot of stuff, then Bernie Sanders is probably not the candidate for you. With a Sanders president, you’ll be saying goodbye to surplus and hello to scarcity, which result in you paying ten dollars for a single roll of toilet paper and an arm AND a leg for a good electronic device.

6) Proliferation

Proliferation is what happens when the other nations in the world are no longer afraid of upsetting the United States and feel free to start making nuclear weapons again. Proliferation is a word we’re going to be hearing coming from Iran if Bernie is elected.

7) Free

Bernie Sanders won votes with the promise of free, the idea of not costing anything, but free doesn’t really exist. If you’re not paying for it, someone else is paying for your share, and I can bet you that they aren’t happy about it. Are you ready for your hard-earned paycheck to be taken by the government and re-appropriated for tampons, condoms and college classes many people aren’t qualified to take? It’s free though, right?

8) Democratic Socialism

Bernie Sanders claimed that he was a Democratic Socialist, but what even is that? Can he tell you? Can Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the head of the Democratic National Committee? Is anyone even sure how this differs from regular socialism, or why our country would even be interested in it? If Bernie becomes president, Democratic Socialism will be the phrase you start using to curse instead of the F-word.

9) Misery

Misery is what you feel when you have to learn the other eight terms on this list because your peers were idiotic enough to elect Bernie Sanders as president. Misery is what you feel when you lose your job and your livelihood due to outrageous minimum wage hikes and regulations on businesses. Misery is what you feel when a (Democratic) Socialist takes over a capitalist country, so don’t let it ever happen.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member