Now that we have graduated from awkward high school years and are approaching the semi-real worlds of college and internships, it is time for us to talk about the shoe on everyone’s mind: high heels.

On any given day, you’re likely to see at least a dozen girls rocking high heels, whether they be heading to an interview, a date function, or just trying to impress that boy in their lecture hall.  High heels are one of the few guarantees in our lives. We will always be going to meetings, interviews, social outings and we will always need to look out best.

1) DO choose heels you can walk in

Everyone knows that girl who teeters around in heels she can’t control. There is no quicker way to look like an amateur than by teetering on high heels too tall, too big, or just too awkward for you. Choose heels you know you can walk in, especially if you will be walking. You want to pick ones that you feel confident in.  It is better to go for a safe option and avoid embarrassment than buy a new pair of steep heels an hour before an event and make an entrance by falling down the stairs.

2) DON’T choose patent leather for business casual

Patent leather peep toes are a quick way to ruin a nice pencil skirt or dress. There are exceptions to the rule, but most patent leather shoes overpower a business casual outfit and make it look for appropriate for a night on the town.  Choose an appropriate material for your heel that matches the tone of your outfit.

3) DO keep bandages on you at all times

We all have been in the situation where our heels have left us with blisters and bumps, even if we have worn them a thousand times. Be your own savior, or the savior to a friend in need, by keeping bandages in your purse or wallet. You’ll never regret this, I promise. The best way to avoid teetering uncomfortably in your heels is by carrying a guaranteed pain reliever.

4) DON’T show too much toe in professional environments

Peep toes may be all the rage, and you may love those strappy heels that show off your new pedicure, but they don’t fit in with a professional environment most of the time. If you would wear them out on the town, you probably shouldn’t wear them to the office. A closed toe shoe is preferable for function and for style. Avoid chipping that beautiful pedicure and keep your toes covered.

5) DO coordinate your heels to your bag

Keeping a black bag and black heels on hand makes this easy to maintain.   The best way to handle this is to wear neutral heels or keep a plethora of bags in your closet. The colors don’t have to be exact, but it will make you feel much more stylish if you match your heels and bag.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member