When you have to go from your 9-5 job to drinks with the girls or a networking event, it can sometimes be hard to plan a versatile outfit for both occasions. It is especially hard to still be trendy, yet tasteful with your outfit. Here is your guide on how to conquer these difficulties and more.

1) Blazer: I can’t think of any time a blazer isn’t my go-to. When you’re headed to happy hour from the office, pair one of these bad boys with straight legged slacks.  If your office is more casual – some dark denim. Throw on your favorite heels and you’re set.

2) Pencil Skirt: Pencil skirts are a God-send. They are slimming, yet long enough to classify them as office appropriate. Pair a pencil skirt – try a pattern if you’re feeling bold with as weater or silk top for a polished, professional, trendy look.

3) Statement Necklace:  My advice is to stock up on multiple statement necklaces in different colors and sizes.  Statement necklaces can spice up any outfit and give a great pop of color.  This will allow you to effortlessly dress up a simple shift dress in many ways leaving you happy hour ready.

4) Embellished Top: If you’re not the jewelry type of girl, try an embellished top. It’s an easy way to have the sparkle of jewelry without having to actually wear any. Pair with an A-line skirt and sport a glam carefree look that is both office and happy hour friendly.

5) Downsize Your Bag: Most women I know, myself included, use a giant tote that is great for the office. A nice way to give the effect that you didn’t just come from the office is to switch over to a cute clutch before you head to happy hour. Try a bold color or a pattern to take your outfit to the next level.

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6) Lipstick: Nothing transforms your look from day to night like swiping your favorite shade of lipstick onto your lips. Try any bold color that compliments your complexion and outfit and you will be happy hour ready.

And as always, drink responsibly. 

Rachel N.
Rachel is from Columbus, Ohio where she is a public liaison to the Ohio Governor. She's a lover of Pomeranians, America, and all things chambray. One of her proudest moments was surviving a year at a liberal arts college.

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