On Wednesday morning’s episode of Good Morning America, it was announced that Sean Spicer, Trump’s first press secretary, would be joining this season of Dancing with the Stars.

Yes, you heard that right. The political commas guy turned consultant is doing to be doing the cha cha and the rumba on live TV.  Of course, no one knows how long Spicer will last. Will he be that awkward man sent home in the first week? Will he make it further on his dancing feet? DWTS is just as much a popularity contest as a dancing contest. Spicer’s going to have some tough competition this season. 

Other stars joining Spicer in competing for the mirror ball trophy include most recent Bachelorette Hannah Brown, Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband Lamar Odom, football player Ray Lewis, Queer Eye Star Karamo Brown, country singer Lauren Alaina, and more.

We don’t yet know who Spicer’s partner is yet. In the past, some fans have become devoted to a specific professional. Some have worried that others are getting the short end by ending up with less than ideal stars. We do know that a lot of familiar faces will be returning as partners, but we won’t know who Spicer is doing the rumba with until the show premiers on September 16th.

As you can imagine, casting someone like Spicer, who is deeply associated with Trump and a strong defender of the president, is going to cause ripples on a show based in and starring people from Hollywood. Celebrities haven’t been known to be fond of Trump, you might have heard. Even the host of DWTS, Tom Bergeron, says that he “disagreed” with the casting of Spicer, though it’s not clear if that is because he simply wants DWTS to be nonpolitical or because he opposes Spicer’s viewpoint. Nonetheless, it will likely be an uphill battle for Spicer on the show. It also might give him a chance to show some humanity to people who otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to it.

If you want Spicey to keep dancing, remember to tune in each Monday and cast your vote for him!

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member