When it comes to traveling international, it can be difficult to manage at first. Not only do you have to worry about making sure you have the right visa, currency, etc. but once that is figured out there are so many logistical things you need to know before you step onto the plane. Here is some things you need to know before you travel 

Do I really need to bring my coat?

What is important to remember when you travel international is the weather. If you are traveling to Australia for instance, their seasons are backward. You want to always keep the climate of the location you are traveling to in mind when you are packing. And my biggest advice when you are going to Great Britain is to make sure you bring a raincoat. And always bring it with you no matter what because it likes to randomly rain. 

Outlet plugs are essential

America really likes to stand out if you can’t tell and so we insisted on having different outlet plugs. You want to make sure that you have the right plug converter for it or you will fry your electronics. Thankfully, most phones are now charged via a USB cable so you can get a plug when you get there but your local electronics store should have one in the international terminal of the airport you are flying out of. 

Know the airport ahead of time

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you look at the airport map before you fly out especially for connecting flights. I like to just pull up the map and look at which terminals I need to go to and plan my route before I step onto my first flight. That helps for tight connections but also to eliminate stress.

Bring a spare set of clothes/pajamas

You should know before the flight if you get a free pair of pajamas with your flight, but if you don’t make sure you pack a set in your carry on! There is nothing worse than the feeling of being jet-lagged and smelly so having something to wear when you are sleeping or just to change into during the flight makes a huge difference. And on that note make sure that you freshen up prior to landing. I like to do that right after breakfast and right before landing. 

Pack snacks and drink water

Once when I was flying from Australia to LA I didn’t eat or drink anything the entire 11 hour flight and I almost passed out when I was going through customs. Make sure that you are staying hydrated because the plane dehydrates you and you will need it.


When the cabin lights are off as difficult as it can be you need to make sure that you are sleeping. They turn the lights on and off according to the time at the destination so starting the adjustment then is crucial especially if you have a shorter trip. If you have struggles with sleeping, you may want to bring something like melatonin to help. When you get there, it more than likely will be during the day. You want to make sure that you stay awake. Do not nap. If it is the evening, go to bed. Making sure that you are awake when you are meant to will help with adjusting faster. And remember if you are traveling with other people to have a little bit of grace and brush off any animosity because like my family says, “they are just suffering from JL.”

No matter where you go make sure you are safe. Know the laws if you are traveling with prescription medication. Keep any valuables safe. And make sure that you are aware of your surroundings to watch out for pickpockets!

Hannah C
FFL Cabinet Member

Hannah has lived all over the world from Sydney, Australia to Chester, England but settled in Wichita, KS. She loves tea, Frank Sinatra, and her cat.