Dear freshmen,

Well, it is finally here. College. The greatest time of your life. These next four years (or more if you’re like me) are going to shape you into who you are for the rest of your life. I am now a senior, and I now consider myself a wise mentor for all the freshmen who are trying to find their way. Over the years I have accumulated a ton of knowledge which I would love to share with you all.

  1. You’re going to lose touch of some, if not all, of your high school friends and that is okay – Over these next few years you are going to change SO much. I cannot even begin to describe how much. My first year of college I was a shy, quiet, socially awkward girl. Freshman year you wouldn’t catch me dead standing up in front of a classroom full of people, now I am on stage Tuesday nights singing “I’ve Got Friends in Low Places” at karaoke night. I have done things my high school self would have never dreamed of, like join a sorority (I can see 17 year old me laughing right now and rolling her eyes). And sometimes, those people you left back home don’t change or grow in the same way you do. Sometimes, you will no longer have anything in common with your old friends. And that’s okay.

  2. You’re going to make mistakes – Like, a lot of mistakes. You’re going to oversleep and be late for an exam. You’re going to procrastinate writing a paper until the last minute and have a full blown panic attack at 3am in the morning in the library. You’re going to wear the wrong shoes on a rainy day and slip and fall in front of everyone in the dining hall. It’s going to happen. Laugh about it!!!

  3. You’re going to miss home – This is the most important thing to remember. There will be nights when you stay up crying because you miss your family, or if you’re like me, your pet. The most important thing to remember is that EVERYONE ELSE IS HOMESICK TOO. Yes, even your roommate who is constantly smiling and laughing. Yes, even your best friend who went to a college on the complete opposite end of the country and is telling you how much she loves her new college. Everyone is just as scared as you are! You’re not alone, and if you can stick it out, I promise you, those days will pass and soon this place will become your new home.

  4. Don’t forget to have fun – Seriously, college isn’t 100% about your academics. While they are important, so are life experiences. You are here to grow as a person, and you can’t do that if all you do is lock yourself in your room and watch Netflix because you are homesick. Strike up a conversation with someone next to you in your English 101 class. You never know, that girl could be a future bridesmaid in your wedding! Also, study parties (as I called them) are a great way to ease stress, but still get your work done. Invite your friends over, make some snacks, and help each other study!

  5. The freshman 15 is real – Yes. It is real. Very very real. It’s caused by a combination of awful dining hall food, the hidden snacks you have in your room, and the fact your schedule is all kinds of crazy. You have been warned.

  6. Be open to trying new things and get involved! – My freshman year roommate decided she was going to rush. I was NOT a sorority girl, or so I thought, and I thought it was ridiculous. But, she dragged me with her. I am so thankful she did. I was offered a bid to my dream sorority, and that experience made me who I am today.  Get involved in clubs, sports, and/or campus groups! This is one of the best ways to meet like-minded individuals.  Don’t be afraid to try new things, it could be one of the best things you ever do.

  7. Find your balance – There are some girls you’re going to meet who can stay up 3 days on end, go out and party all night, and crawl out of bed the next morning and pass a physics exam with flying colors. Don’t think that needs to be you. You’re experiencing so many new things it is going to take a little while for you to find your center.

  8. Call your parents – Seriously, their baby is now out in the world on their own and they’re probably worried sick. They may be acting strong, but trust me they cried when they dropped you off on that first day (they’ll admit it to you years later). Not only that, but your parents are your rock. They will listen to you complain about how awful your biology professor is and they will give you the encouragement you need to study for your exams.

  9. If you’re having trouble, talk to your RA – Seriously, my RA was like my best friend my freshman year. I bothered that girl with everything. They go through extensive amounts of training, so they know how to handle pretty much any situation. Talk to them if you are having ANY problems at all, they’re there to help after all. And they’re a lot cooler than you think.

  10. Don’t blink – These next few years are going to be gone before you know it. Make every second count. Don’t waste a single day. When you’re sitting in that auditorium wearing that cap and gown you’re going to reflect on the past few years…. And you’re going to regret the things you didn’t do, not the things you did.


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