While the left incessantly shames the complex past of our amazing nation, us patriots understand what a prodigious footprint America has made in world history. Unlike any other country, the United States of America is defined by its role in breaking barriers, expanding innovation, and being a force for good in this world. The aspects that make America exceptional cannot be understated, and we should understand why:

Reason #1: Understanding the Virtue of Diligence

Us Americans know, above all, that hard work can get us anywhere we strive to be. Unlike many other societies throughout history, America stands out due to the extensive social mobility that it allows. Some of the most influential men and women in American history were born into lower class families, such as Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Carnegie, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and the list goes on. If we yearn for something here in America, NOTHING (except lame excuses) can stop us.

Reason #2: Promoting Peace and Justice

It would be exasperating to list every feat that our great nation has made towards equality, peace, and justice not only in our own country, but around the world. Don’t be fooled by the liberals who constantly pull the “slavery” card, because we all know America is defined by so much more than that foul institution. America is instead defined by its uniquely persistent efforts to abolish slavery and strive for an integrated society. America has undoubtedly gone further than any other country to establish equality. As far as the world stage is concerned, America has proved time and time again that it is not out to conquer and exercise its power over sovereign nations, but instead will establish “peace through strength”. Our success in World War II alone is a shining example. If the Allied Forces has lost, a totalitarian regime would rage across Europe. Leaders such as Adolf Hitler would have had free range and oppression would overcome every citizen. A world without a strong America would be chaotic and destructive, as we are unfortunately witnessing today.

Reason #3: Breaking Barriers

In the 200 years of its existence, America has managed to foster more brilliant innovations than any other nation. Beginning in 1787, when the Founding Fathers created a revolutionary form of government, America has not stopped pushing past the common and accepted frame of thought. We have made countless discoveries in fields such as medicine, engineering and technology. Perhaps the single most revolutionary invention in history was created right here in the United States; the personal computer. Needless to say that this has changed the way the entire world communicates with each other. Along with the computer, top social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr all have their roots in America.

Reason #4: The Free Market System

Economic freedom remains to be a defining characteristic of the United States. It is also no doubt that economic freedom and prosperity go hand in hand. While we often see many pushing for an economy that is more regulated by the government, it is important to understand that a free economy can be credited as leading reason why America became prominent on the world stage. When the government steps out of a businessman’s way, there is nothing stopping him from achieving success. This will then stimulate our economy, provide a valuable good or service to the public, and create an abundance of jobs. The world’s most influential companies started as small town businesses right here in the United States. Walmart, Ford, HP, and Apple are just a few companies that were able to change the world due to the economic freedom here in America.

Reason #5: Fierce Patriotism

Most of us Americans do, in fact, realize how good we have it here. We appreciate our vast freedoms and the servicemen and women that guarantee those freedoms for us every day. We know that this nation was built by patriots who fought for what they wanted, no matter how significantly the odds were against them. This amazing nation was founded on the basic principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When we see that flag fly high and hear the Star-Spangled Banner play, something indescribable happens. Goosebumps raise, eyes swell, smiles form, and you can’t help but to think of anything except “God Bless the US of A.”

Alexa A
Managing Editor
Alexa is a managing editor of FFL. She is addicted to country music, online shopping, and politics. She is passionate about the young conservative movement and hopes to inspire other young women to get involved and change the world.

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