So you’ve scored the internship of your dreams in Washington, D.C., the seat of our federal government. Regardless of whether or not it’s a public or private placement, you’re probably going to be on your own for housing. If you’re moving from somewhere outside of the DMV area, this will be daunting. 

The ladies of FFL have been through many D.C. internships and these are the most common places for interns to live or search for housing in D.C. 

*Note – none of these constitute endorsements by FFL. These are just recommendations and starting points!*


The universities in D.C. are by far the most common place to live. Universities are often associated with intern housing because many of the dorms are empty during the summer months and students generally gravitate towards other universities. I lived at George Washington University alongside many other Hill interns and private sector interns. Other options in DC are American University, Catholic University of America, Georgetown University, and Howard University.

Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH)

WISH is a popular option for interns who prefer not to live in a dorm. WISH has several locations across the District: Chinatown, Woodley Park, and three separate settings in Capitol Hill are just a few. There’s options for just about every taste and budget!

Washington Intern Housing Network (WIHN)

WIHN is another popular housing group for interns. They have three main locations in D.C. – Capitol Hill, Mt. Vernon Square, and Eastern Market. Their website lists several options from luxury condos and historic town-homes.

Facebook housing groups

While you should exercise a bit of caution dealing with Facebook groups, I’ve had several friends rent and sublet places in D.C. and Northern Virginia through Facebook housing groups. Examples are here and here

Other websites

Usual haunts such as and Apartment Showcase are good places to look, but it may be a struggle to find a short-term place here. is another site that looks promising, but I’d exercise the same amount of caution one does with Facebook groups.

Whether you decide to live in D.C., Maryland, or Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. is an incredible place to live over the summer. Don’t let the fear of locating housing deter you from experiencing our nation’s capitol!

Jillian K