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If you’re a young conservative woman, congratulations, you’ve basically placed yourself in a lion cage. You will get attacked for your gender, political party, appearance – anything the left can conjure as an attempt to bring you down. You’re not alone; many other conservative women are here to help you remain strong.

1) Know that you’re doing the right thing. Being young and conservative in the millennial generation is undeniably resilient. To remain strong, you must stick to your guns. Go against the overwhelming majority of young liberals. Create strong arguments and fight back. Speak loudly what you believe is right, and I promise you’ll outshine the left extremists. Stand tall in what you believe and never back down.

2) It’s almost 2016 and identity politics are still alive and well among the Democratic Party. Leftist women will say that Republican women will not succeed without feminism or the Democratic party. This is false. Conservative women can and will succeed just as well as men do. You do not need the government nor identity politics to succeed. Of course, you do not need to play the gender card like Hillary Clinton does on a daily basis. You are just as intelligent, hard-working, and capable as any man. Look for conservative, successful women to look up to in reassurance that anything is possible, despite your gender.

3) It is vital to surround yourself with those who can willingly help you stand your ground. Having young conservative friends who will support you in any given situation is extraordinarily helpful. There are plenty of other conservatives who are fighting for the same things that you are. You may as well fight together as strength comes in numbers. Organizations such as Future Female Leaders brings together young Republican women from all over the United State to fight toward the bettering of this great nation.

4) Find an outlet which helps you express your conservative ideals. Whether that’s a Facebook post or a news outlet, spread your thoughts. Let the world know that you’re not the typical millennial. Not only will this help you stand your ground, but it may inspire others to come out of their shell as well. Do not let social media make you silent, no matter how much the left attempts to bring you down.

Being a young conservative woman is tough. You’re going against an abundance of stereotypes and hate. It’s time for us to unite and stand up against the hate which goes against conservative women. Stay strong, make your mark on the world, and never stop standing up for what you believe is right.

Jennifer D.
Jennifer Duplessie is a senior at Texas A&M University pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in political communications incorporating her passion for writing and photography.

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