Dearest Hillary,

I don’t even know where to begin.  Usually, I am not one for name calling, but “hypocrite” is one of the only words I can find to best describe you.  Today, I find myself writing this letter to you not as a Republican, or a conservative, but as an American woman.  Sit back, put down that precious Blackberry of yours, and listen because I have a few bones to pick with you, Hilz.

First things first, you’re NOT the realest.  Remember in 2008 when you claimed to be be the most transparent person in public life? Yeah, that had to have been an April Fool’s joke. Your recent email scandal (and about other 9,264 scandals before that… don’t get me started on Benghazi) prove otherwise.  The only thing transparent about you is your apparent corruption.  If your inability of following proper email disclosure protocol, leaving potentially sensitive communications vulnerable on an unsecure server, and being unable to manage two email accounts aren’t enough to disqualify you as a potential candidate for President, don’t worry, I’m just getting started.

How about when you claimed you and your husband were “dead broke” when leaving the White House in 2001?  The classic attempt to act like you are one with middle class America.  No one likes a super rich and out of touch politician. Just in case you didn’t know, you and your husband have earned more than $100 million over the past 14 years.  You have been charging $200,000 a pop per speaking engagement.  Also, in 2000,  you signed an $8 million advance for your first memoir. Lastly, your husband, Bill Clinton, also earns millions delivering paid speeches and is reported to have received $15 million for his memoir.  Do you need a Merriam-Webster dictionary to look up the proper definition of “broke?”

Furthermore, your hypocritical ways that anger me the most are your contradicting actions towards women.  You claim to be pro-women, yet you rarely practice what you preach.  If you “fight” for women’s rights, then WHY has your foundation accepted millions of dollars of donations from Middle Eastern countries known for their violence against women and denying them the very basic human rights that us Americans are LUCKY to have?  That sounds like the REAL war of women to me, Ms. Clinton.

It’s 2015.  Women are not a special interest group or a pre-existing condition, we are the majority of the US population.  It is insulting to me that you refer to a select number of issues as women’s issues.  All issues are women issues.  We are strong, intelligent, and don’t need to be dependent on the federal government.   There is no doubt that a woman is capable of being the President of the United States and it will be wonderful to have a female President one day, but it should be because that female is the best representation of the American people’s vision, principles, and values… NOT for the sole fact that the candidate is a woman.  So hate to break it to you sunshine, but you’re just not cutting the mustard.

Amanda O