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Dear Girl Who Is Afraid To Post Her Views,

This one is for the girl who hesitates sharing political articles on Facebook, who second guesses whether or not she should wear her cute Republican shirt, and who is nervous tweeting her beliefs, I was you. The media is liberal, your favorite celebrity is liberal, Tumblr is liberal, and most people our age are liberal, and they’re all able to voice their beliefs and come out unscathed. You and I have to worry about being called homophobic, anti-science, a self-hating woman, racist, and a patriarchal brainwashed stooge, just for liking Fox News on Facebook. You fear being called that girl by your friends and the passive judgmental looks you get from your extended family when you share a pro-life article on Facebook. I wish I could tell you that it gets better as you grow older and more confident in expressing your views, but you just get stronger. There will always be people attacking you and judging you for the littlest things, but one day you’ll wake up and say, “Do I care? Eh, not really.”

In a generation that gets offended by everything, you are faced with two choices.  The first is to shy away from expressing any form of an opinion whatsoever and maintain peace and harmony. The second is share your beliefs and face the repercussions.

The first choice is safe, you won’t get judged, and no one will ever quote tweet you and call you ignorant. That being said, you’ll never fully experience all the world has to offer if you choose the first option. I chose option #2 just three months ago by applying to become a Cabinet Member for Future Female Leaders, and because of that I am able to write this letter to you.  My choice of becoming a public representative of a political company. I have been given opportunities that I only previously dreamed of. I was given the opportunity to attend political conferences in Washington D.C., meet outstanding likeminded conservative people my age, given the amazing opportunity to meet Rand Paul, Ben Carson, Dana Perino, and Carly Fiorina. I’ve been able to write countless articles for this company in hopes of spreading the conservative message to girls like you and try and reach out to girls who had previously never even thought about politics.

I wish I could say that by posting this, you’ll get the automatic confidence not to hesitate to share that Facebook article or wear your Republican shirt, but it just simply will not happen overnight. It’ll take time, but trust me when I say, it’ll be worth it. You might get degraded or get insults, but that will mold you into a stronger leader and better equip you to defend your beliefs.  You’ll grow into a fiercely patriotic, unapologetically sassy young woman who isn’t afraid to voice her views.  You’ll become a leader for other girls to be unashamed and proud of their beliefs, inspiring them to speak up and speak out.  You’ll become a respected individual amongst your colleagues, and by doing this become a better you.

Marie P