Image Credits: Jennifer Perkins

The Bachelor is one of my guilty pleasures, but I’ve always been fascinated by “celebrity” news and culture, even if all the Hollywood types are super liberal and always advocating for higher taxes, women’s marches, etc. So color me surprised when I discovered that a recent Bachelor couple, who themselves have been a news cycle in and of its own making, were having a baby and using their journey to get a bunch of Instagram likes and spread a BIG pro-life message.

For a bit of back story, Arie and Lauren met when Arie was the Bachelor. Lauren was initially his runner-up, he proposed to another woman, but then he broke it off with her and got back with Lauren. He proposed to Lauren on the live After the Final Rose show, his ex-fiancee became the next Bachelorette, etc, etc.  A few months ago, Arie and Lauren announced their wedding date, and that they were having a baby. In early January 2019, Arie and Lauren tied the knot in Hawaii, but the real win is how they’ve been documenting their pregnancy.

Every week, the Baby Luyendyk instagram shares an image of how far along Lauren is, insight into what’s going on it their world, and an update on it’s growth and development! Told from the point-of-view of the baby itself, this entire Instagram account is a great reminder of the humanity of the pre-born and why we fight as pro-life individuals to protect them. Let’s take a look.

Week 11: “I’m the size of a fig, imagine that!” I have little arms, legs, and I no longer have webbed hands and feed. All my little organs are in place too” 

11 weeks, not even three months gestation, and this is a distinct human being with in-tact organs.

Week 16: “This week I’m the size of an avocado. Things are going well in here, my little heart is busy pumping 6.6 liters of blood a day and my hairline is starting to form.”

Can I mention how much I love avocados? Also, think about how much blood is pumping through this little baby at only 16 weeks, a time at which many states would allow it to be killed for no medical reason?

Week 18:  “This week I’m the size of an artichoke…My ears are where they are supposed to be now and I have been listening to Mozart.”

TINY BABY EARS! Fully formed ears, located right on the head where they’ll be months from now when it enters the world.

Week 21: “This week while Mom and Dad were relaxing on the beach I was working on my ninja moves. I did a lot of growing in here and I’ve been super active…This week I’m the size of a carrot…Some new developments are that my fingers and toes are completely formed and I even have little permanent finger prints. You can also see my eyebrows now which I’m happy about because who looks good without those!?”

Many new abortion laws in the news have talked about allowing abortion after 24 weeks. At just 21 weeks you could finger print this pre-born baby. It has eyebrows. It’s moving every single day.  How barbaric to say this little baby, this carrot-sized baby, is unworthy of life.

Week 23: “This week I’m the size of a box of Mac and Cheese. I’m over 11 inches long and weigh over a pound. I can hear loud noises now like when Dallas and Bastian bark at the front door…the blood vessels in my lungs are growing and expanding.” 

At 23 weeks, the baby can hear sounds from around the noise. People like Ralph Northam wouldn’t save them if they survived an abortion.

There’s still three months of growth left by Baby Luyendyk but I can’t wait to see the effect that Arie and Lauren’s documentation of their journey has on the pro-life movement. A baby’s development truly shows how magical the miracle of pregnancy is, and more people will become pro-life when they realize just how early in the process a baby is recognizable and not just a “clump of tissues” or something without any agency.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member