After a big week for conservative women, we’re recognizing some of their stand-out moments. Here are four women we’re proud to see in the headlines this week.

First Lady Melania Trump launches youth art project celebrating women’s suffrage

First Lady Melania Trump started a project for children to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women earning the right to vote. “Building the Movement: America’s Youth Celebrate 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage” encourages children from grades 3 through 12 to submit art which recognizes and celebrates the suffrage movement. Trump explained in a statement to the Associated Press that she hopes this initiative helps spark important conversations about “equality and the impact of peaceful protests.”

Former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley calls for an end to religious discrimination amid coronavirus lockdowns

The former ambassador penned an op-ed in Medium calling for religious freedom to prevail in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Haley shed light on the abuses and discrimination around the world that have gained steam during this crisis–from denying care to Rohingya Muslims in Burma to the widespread cases of anti-Semitism–but specifically points to the suppression of religion in China. She calls for sanctions in response to the religious crackdowns, as well as the signing of the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act into law. She concludes by noting, “we need to continue to make clear that we stand for religious freedom abroad. Someone has to speak out about this fundamental right. That duty falls to us.”

Senator Shelley Moore Capito joins GOP effort to pass police reform bill

The West Virginia Senator and five other Republican colleagues unveiled the JUSTICE Act on Wednesday. The bill, spearheaded by Senator Tim Scott of North Carolina, seeks to track police departments’ use of force, curtail no-knock orders, increase funding for body-cameras, among other reforms. Capito expressed confidence that the bill “will go a long way towards improving law enforcement” and will instill greater public confidence in police departments.

Senator Joni Ernst seeks to expand police reform bill by closing law enforcement consent loophole

Senator Joni Ernst is continuing to lobby for federal agents, judges, probation officers, and prosecutors to be legally barred from engaging in sex acts with a person in their custody. Ernst is asking her GOP colleagues to include their reform bill to include this rule, one which she attempted to have passed on the federal level in the Violence Against Women Act. The 2019 bill did not pass, and the loophole has not been closed; Ernst hopes to seize the opportunity with the police reform bill to do so.

It was a busy week for Senator Ernst, who also endorsed Amanda Makki for Congress. Makki is running to unseat Congressman Charlie Crist in FL-13. We love to see conservative women supporting each other, and Senator Ernst’s endorsement is no exception!

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