The clock strikes midnight and it is January 1, 2016, meaning our time has come: it is our chance to take back the White House!!!



February rolls around and so begins primary season, as well as tons of debates for each candidate to begin proving why you should vote for them!

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Then worst case scenario happens and your candidate drops out, and you really have to take some time for yourself until you can move on.

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THEN COMES THE BIGGEST GATHERING OF THE CONSERVATIVES: CPAC. For four days, you meet like-minded conservatives from all over the country and have never felt so at home.

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Every day, our party is getting closer to the convention and narrowing down the potential presidential nominees.



There are more primaries and more debates. Meanwhile, candidates from the other party are always saying something you A. don’t agree with and B. think is just plain stupid and not feasible for our country.

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FINALLY! We have a nominee and a running mate! Here is the dream team you have hoped for, ever since January 20, 2009, and you know we are ready to take on the DNC.

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It is a long tough battle, but ultimately you1 hold on and keep fighting till November 8th, where we will finally have a victory.

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