A fourth of my generation is missing.

As of January 21, 2015, there have been an astounding 57,762,169 reported abortions in just the United States alone. That means that means approximately 28, 881,084 potential daughters, sisters, mothers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, engineers, astronauts weren’t given the chance to live up to their full potential, or even full gestation.

I am pro-life. This does not mean I’m anti-woman. I love being a woman. I was given a gift that only a woman can receive. I can give the gift of life. A human life begins in my body. There is no greater gift one could give to the Earth.

What many Democrats say is that “women can’t bring a child into the world if they can’t handle it.” To me, at least, that sounds like they don’t believe that a single mother can bring a child into the world because she isn’t responsible enough. Women, for the most part, are born with an innate instinct to care for young and take care of those who need it. Mothers also have an innate ability to choose what is best for her child, not necessarily what is best for her. We live in a time when people are telling young women that they aren’t smart enough to become a mom, not responsible enough to be a mom, or that young women can’t make the right decision unless they choose abortion.

I am pro-life because of science. Life on another planet is sometimes in the form of a single cell but the one inside of your uterus is not life. Words that are used like “clump of cells” dehumanize the growing child and life that is inside of them. And if you really want to trip up those who want to call babies “clumps of cells”, let them know that they are a clump of cells and that they’re still just as important now as when they were in womb.

I believe in the power of women to care for a child, and to make the best decisions. I’m not pro-life because I hate women’s “right to choose”, I’m pro-life because I hate when life growing inside of someone is seen as dispensable. We never stop growing just as child in the womb doesn’t either.

This whole movement that takes away responsibility from both men and women benefits no one. Men and women think there is a quick fix for everything and that they should never be responsible for their actions. And the poor child that was created will never see the light of day because they weren’t given a chance to change this world or even enter it.

Women need to be uplifted. We need to celebrate the single mothers who brought a child into this world and raise their child to be as great and as brave as their mother is. We need to tell women that they are not alone; we need to help the women that need the help but who don’t want to abort their child.

We’re constantly told that Republicans don’t care about the mother and that is simply not true. When I talk to people about abortion, I always mention the mother. The mother is just as important as the baby. We just need to help women understand that they can raise a child or give a child a better life through adoption, not that they should end a life because they simply don’t think anyone will help them or that no one will care.

The pro-life movement is pro-woman. I believe in the power of womanhood and I want more women to contribute to this great world because women are powerful, beautiful, independent, and loved.

We are women, we are strong, and we can stand together life.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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