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Every friend group has that one friend that is as red-blooded American as they come. If you don’t know who that friend is, chances are it’s probably you. Still not sure? Check out these 7 signs that you are the patriotic friend.

1 ) You start a USA chant wherever you go, whether it’s the beach, the bar, or even on the quad.

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2 ) Going to a theme party? You somehow are able to incorporate the red, white, and blue…no matter the theme. 


3 ) Not going to a theme party? No worries! You still proudly wear the best colors on earth. It’s no doubt that red, white, and blue are in your color wheel. 



4 ) You have a patriotic playlist that you play year round.


5 ) You get chills every time you hear the National Anthem.



6 ) Remembering 9/11 brings you to tears.


7 ) Whenever you meet new people, you are introduced as “the most American person I know”.


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