For those of you who watch Fox and Friends every morning, you are probably very familiar with Ainsley Earhardt. She is one of the anchors and co-hosts on the show. However, one of the things you might not know about her is her belief in God and how her relationship with him has carried her throughout her life. In her book, The Life Within Me, Ainsley digs deep into her personal background on her family, career, time on Fox News, marriages, and her faith.

For a little bit of background on Earnhardt, she is a familiar face on Fox News. Born in South Carolina and raised in North Carolina, she learned about hard work and faith from her parents at a very young age and grew up going to church every Sunday. With that being said, however, it wasn’t until she got to college where she really got close to God and developed a strong relationship with him.

While her book isn’t very political, it emphasizes how her relationship with God has gotten her to so many different places in life. She shares how it has gotten her through the highs and lows that life has thrown at her. With chapters on how she rediscovered her faith at a fraternity party, to her having daughter, and also her marriages, she is able to show herself in a way that her viewers don’t get to see on a day-to-day basis when she is on Fox and Friends. She allows us to take a glimpse into her personal life. Earnhardt shows us what it’s like to have a relationship with God and how she believes it is crucial when working in any field of work and when having a family.

Full of her life stories, personal journal entries, and favorite bible verses, you get to see a side of her that will inspire you to go out and do good in the world. It will give you courage to seek a relationship with Jesus all while making you grateful for everything you have and also giving you motivation to work hard at everything you do in your life, helping you to realize that God has a plan for you. One of my favorite parts about the book is that, at the start of every chapter, she includes a bible verse that relates to what that chapter is going to be about. In addition to that, she tries to incorporate the verse itself into her narrative, giving it context into her life and showing how it got her through good and bad times. Some of these verses I had heard before, yet many of them were new to me. I found that a lot of them related to my life and things that I was going through at the time and in the past.

This book is one that everyone should read, religious or not, due to the inspirational way she comes off, the work ethic she is able to show and teach, and motivation that she is able to give to people who are at a young age. She makes herself relatable to the reader in a way that not very many people are able to do. Ainsley is able to really connect with the reader, helping to make the book come to life and make them feel like they can conquer the world.

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