Gender is just a social construct, men and women are biologically the same, and pregnant women should instead be called “birthing individuals.” Those are some of the crazy liberal Left claims that author Ashley McGuire tackles in her book, Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female. The flashy title draws eyes, but no, this is not a book about Bill Clinton’s life. Sex Scandal tackles the innate differences between males and females, the illogical left’s drive to abolish those differences, and who really loses in this attempt at “equality”: women.

The evidence that this book uses to explain how gender and sex are being confused, conflated, and ultimately thrown aside to promote “equality” are astounding. McGuire looks not only at the basic talking points of abortion and all-gender bathrooms, but also campus rape cultures and how getting rid of all-female spaces, where women often feel safe and receive support they cannot receive anywhere else, isn’t going to solve any problems.  We all believe that women can be whatever they want to be, but should we be lowering the standards of our military to reach a certain quota of women in the Navy SEALs? What about our firefighters? Do you really care if there’s balanced representation in the firehouse if your house is burning down and you need saved? No, of course not. You just want someone who can get the job done. That hasn’t stopped fire stations around the country from spending thousands of dollars promoting women into positions that they couldn’t pass the basic tests for. Those are just some of the topics that McGuire looks at. There are so many more that will get you fired up to be a strong woman and promote your femininity.

One of the stories in the book that had me nodding my head along eagerly was Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s use of sex-selection to make sure their daughter was just that…their daughter, and not a son. For a world that says gender doesn’t matter and sex is flexible, we sure put a lot of stock into sex-selection in utero. But wait, I thought gender and sex were choices? How dare Chrissy Teigen assign her daughter’s gender in gestation! Also, let’s just talk for a minute about how sex-selection is illegal in numerous nations because it’s viewed as unethical to essentially abort a fetus because of its sex. It’s not illegal in the United States though, which is pretty odd when you consider the fact that the third wave feminists and liberals want to abolish sex and gender distinctions all together.

With chapters that look at boys vs girls toys, Hollywood feminism and how it doesn’t make any sense these days, and how the hookup culture hurt women more than men because of legitimate scientific facts related to hormones.  McGuire provides case evidence galore. In fact, this book includes over 60 pages of references so you can do your own research if something seems too crazy to be true.

This book is short, sweet, and to the point yet stacked with facts that will blow your mind. I found myself constantly putting the book down to tell someone around me what I had just read. They couldn’t believe it either. Pick up this book ASAP and dive deep into the world of sex and gender distinctions. When you come out on the other side, your argument for femininity and against equality at the cost of our womanhood will be infinitely stronger. Get yours today!

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Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member