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“The plan is always to meet your goal and the contingency is to never give up.” – p. 105

Harris Faulkner’s newest book 9 Rules of Engagement: A Military Brat’s Guide to Life and Success is an empowering read to everyone, no matter where they are in their walk of life. Faulkner is able to take her life experience as a military brat and not only share those life lessons with her readers, but help share the story of military families.

Because of her outstanding capability as a journalist, she is able to teach these 9 rules from encounters with her father as well as other military personnel she has crossed paths with. Harris Faulkner’s ability to tell stories is one of her more known traits from her history as a renowned journalist and from her current position on her show Outnumbered on Fox News.

“…there is so much emphasis in our society on doing well instead of doing good.” – p. 145

The rules in her book are not only for military families; these are rules every civilian should apply in their personal lives and see a positive outcome. From “Recruit Your Special Forces” in the first chapter, to “When Things Fall Apart, Believe You Have the Answer” as the last, this book covers every aspect that you will face in your life.

Everyone’s journey is different and everyone’s idea of success is different, but the traits that will help you climb to the top of your ladder are found in this book. Traits such as integrity and purpose are what’s going to help you not only achieve success but evaluate what that success may look like for you individually.

“It’s rare for anyone to just wing it and be successful, even when it looks like they are.” – p. 97

Understanding your mission, recruiting the people to help you get there, and understanding how to overcome difficult situations are all things that everyone needs in their life, not just military personnel and their families. In a world where it can be difficult to recognize your purpose, it’s crucial for us to listen to these lessons that Harris Faulkner provides. These are lessons that many people haven’t heard before, and they are stories that may be difficult to swallow, but serve a larger purpose in helping you find a lesson.

Pick up this book no matter where you are in your journey, I promise you that it will help you see a new side to yourself that you hadn’t noticed before.

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