Jessie James Decker does it all! In Just Jessie, Jessie shares her life experiences as a well-known country music star, super mom, fashion designer and wife to retired NFL football player, Eric Decker. Her light and delightful read chronicles her childhood and her journey to fame.

Something I found quite surprising was that Jessie James was bullied as a teenager. Being in a military family, they moved around the country quite often. Her family stayed in Georgia so that Jessie and her siblings could finish out high school in one place. Jessie talks about how kids in her Georgia high school were mean to her. The preppy school kids did not like her gaining popularity and the title of homecoming queen. Bullies often played pranks on her. They even tried targeting her during the homecoming parade to embarrass her, but the attacks were thwarted.

Being the superstar that she is today, I would not have assumed that she battled with people bullying and disliking her. Jessie, however, never let the haters get her down. She continued to prove people wrong as she moved through the ranks in the music industry. She actually had several producers pass her by as she began her search for a Nashville record label. This just shows us all that even people who have gained massive success struggle for acceptance and support in what they do. Maybe, the people who become the most successful and happy are the ones who choose not to abide by what society dictates for them. Like Jessie has done throughout her life, these people forge their own path and never give up on their dreams.

Family is obviously a huge part of Jessie James Decker’s life. She shares sweet pictures of her children Vivianne, Eric Decker II (Bubby), and Forrest and what it is like to be their mom. Jessie also touches on how she met Eric and how their relationship blossomed. As she is one of my role models in all aspects, I love that she gives tips on maintaining healthy relationships and a family work life balance. While she is busy singing and running her own clothing business, Kittenish, she always makes time for her children. Jessie credits much of her success to her ever supportive mother, father, and siblings. She also says that Eric is the best husband and father and that without him she could not pursue all of her passions today.

Also included in the book are several workout ideas, home decor and party throwing tips, as well as some delicious family recipes. I highly recommend trying out her cookie recipe. One Friday night, I made a batch of her cookies. I am now hooked. 

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If you enjoy listening to Jessie’s music or watching the Decker’s show on E Network, add this book to your pleasure reading list. I really loved reading this book after a long day, glass of wine in hand. It is evident that Jessie James Decker loves the life she lives and lives for her family and fans. You can get your copy of Just Jessie here.

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