One of the most anticipated books of the year was finally released on Tuesday, and conservative women everywhere flocked to their local bookstores to pick up their own copy of With All Due Respect by Nikki Haley. The governor turned UN Ambassador has been on a major press tour for this book, but don’t trust the news clips. Read the book yourself if you want to learn what Haley was truly up to during her time with the UN. If you’re like me and one day hopes Haley runs for a higher office, this book will give you a lot of hope for the future. 

Haley’s first memoir, Can’t Is Not an Option, detailed her upbringing as one of few minorities in South Carolina and talked about her early foray into politics, but this is largely a policy book. Haley walks the readers through the big decisions she made in the past few years—from who to endorse in the 2016 primary to accepting the job offer from Trump to standing up against Rex Tillerson and world dictators on private and public stages. She talks with extreme candor about her emotions following the Mother Emmanuel Church shooting. The former UN ambassador recounts with vivid detail what she saw in refugee camps in South Sudan and the Congo and Syria. She offers insight into what we can do to keep human rights on the forefront of people’s minds and stand up against countries like Iran and North Korea. This isn’t a candidate book that says “look what I would do about xyz” but it is a book that says “look, I have foreign policy experience now.” 

If you’re on the edge of your seat, calm down a bit. Haley doesn’t announce her intentions to run for the White House at the end of this book. But the very writing of this book is a good sign for conservatism. No matter where you stand on Trump, you’ll appreciate this book. It’s not fanfare for the president, but it’s pretty honest and fair about Haley’s own interactions with him and his cabinet. 

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One thing I have always appreciated about Haley’s writing is that is is beautiful but concise. She writes with purpose. Each word is chosen and has meaning. She’s not trying to wow you with a big vocabulary or deep metaphors. She wants you to be enraptured by the true stories she is telling, and you will be. I couldn’t put this book down. In fact, I definitely teared up a few times, especially when Haley was taking about the Church shooting and her own visits to women who had experienced such extreme violence. She’s so heartfelt, those of us who have interacted with her know that, but it truly comes out on the page as well. 

What does the future of conservatism look like on a world stage? It looks like Nikki Haley. Read this book. This woman isn’t done taking a stand for this country, and you’ll learn so much about foreign policy in these nearly 300 pages.

Get your copy of With All Due Respect here.

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Aryssa D
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