Yesterday, our Democrat friends on the West Coast took to the polls, with Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington all holding caucuses. If you’re still fuzzy about what a caucus is, check out this handy article.

Yesterday, the Democrats held their caucus in Alaska, where Ted Cruz won 36.4% of the vote on March 1st. There are 16 delegates up for grabs for Democrats in Alaska. They also caucused in Hawaii for their 25 delegates, where Trump won 42.7% of the vote on March 8th. In Washington, a whopping 101 delegates were up for grabs in the state that won’t hold a Republican caucus until May 24th.

Going into yesterday’s races, Clinton had a delegate lead over Sanders, which Sanders sought to eradicate like he is trying to eradicate the 1%. On March 25th, Hillary was ahead with 1691 delegate and Sanders trailed with 949 delegates. While Saturday could not push him into the lead, it could give Sanders a much needed boost.

To help keep her lead, Clinton set up a campaign office in Alaska, a state that went strongly in the favor of President Obama in 2008. In Hawaii, President Obama’s home state that gave him 75% of the vote in 2008, Sanders was expected to do well due to low levels of African-American and Hispanic populations, which have been favoring Hillary in other states.

Here are your results from Saturday:


Bernie Sanders-81.6%

Hillary Clinton-18.4%


Bernie Sanders-69.8%

Hillary Clinton-30%


Bernie Sanders-72.7%

Hillary Clinton-27.1%

Stay tuned to FFL for all the latest on the 2016 election and much, much more. The next major primary happens in Wisconsin on April 5th. How will the state of former presidential candidate Scott Walker treat the Cruz-Trump feud? Will there still be five candidates in the race when we head to Wisconsin?  Will Bernie Sanders make another attempt to overcome Clinton?