Yesterday, faithful voters in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio and Missouri took to the polls to show their preference in the ongoing presidential primary process. This primary comes just after the DC Primary and a little less than a week after the controversy over Donald Trump having to cancel a Chicago rally due to threats of violence.  Over the weekend, Marco Rubio won the DC Primary while John Kasich came in second. Shortly after 8PM Eastern Time, as the results in Florida were announced, Senator Marco Rubio announced that he was suspending his campaign. He is not currently seeking reelection of his senate seat. Earlier on Tuesday, Trump won the Republican caucus in the Northern Mariana Islands, which are located in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, for those of us who were unaware.

Here are the results from Tuesday


Donald Trump-45.8%

Marco Rubio-27%

Ted Cruz-17.1%

John Kasich-6.8%



Hillary Clinton-64.5%

Bernie Sanders-33.3%



Donald Trump-38.8%

Ted Cruz-30.3%

John Kasich-19.7%

Marco Rubio-8.7%



Hillary Clinton-50.5%

Bernie Sanders-48.7%


North Carolina-GOP

Donald Trump-40.2%

Ted Cruz-36.8%

John Kasich-12.7%

Marco Rubio-7.7%


North Carolina-Democrats

Hillary Clinton-54.6%

Bernie Sanders-40.8%



John Kasich-46.8%

Donald Trump-35.7%

Ted Cruz-13.1%

Marco Rubio-2.9%



Hillary Clinton-56.5%

Bernie Sanders-42.7%



Donald Trump-40.8%

Ted Cruz-40.6%

John Kasich-10.1%

Marco Rubio-6.1%



Hillary Clinton-49.6%

Bernie Sanders-49.4%

Future Female Leaders will keep you in the know on all the 2016 election happenings, but feel free to check out our other blogs while you wait for the next primaries to unfold.  Next up are the primaries in Arizona and Utah on March 22nd. Stay tuned and follow us @FFL_Of_America to tweet us your thoughts about the 2016 election!