Last night, the Hoosier State went to the polls and our emotions went through the roof. Tensions were high heading into Indiana, but few could have anticipated the end of the night, when results came in and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas announced that he was suspending his presidential campaign. That leaves only two candidates in the race on each side, and makes it look like we’ll be seeing a Trump vs Clinton race in November.
Indiana awards 57 Republican Delegates and 83 Democratic Delegates. Trump, as the winner, will take the majority of the Republican Delegates while Sanders and Clinton will split them nearly evenly.
Here are the results from last night’s Indiana Primary:

Donald Trump - 53.3%
Ted Cruz - 36.7%
John Kasich - 7.5%

Bernie Sanders - 52.7%
Hillary Clinton - 47.3%

The current delegate count looks something like this:

Trump - 1047/1237 needed
Kasich - 153/1237 needed

Clinton - 2201/2383 needed
Sanders - 1399/2383 needed

The next primaries coming up are West Virginia and Nebraska next Tuesday, Oregon and Washington in the following weeks, and then the final primaries in June. The big push will come when California votes to award its 546 Democrat Delegates and 172 Republican Delegates on June 7th. Stay tuned, and FFL will keep you informed.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member