Image Credits: Fox News Insider

After several boring days of no primaries to occupy our minds, the New York Primary finally popped onto our calendars and gave us something to stress about all day. Like every single primary before it, New York claimed to be THE primary of the race. It did follow a steady stream of Sanders wins and a strong Trump streak. 

New York is often touted as a delegate-heavy state. It awards 95 delegates to Republicans and 247 to Democrats.  New York also has 44 superdelegates up for grabs for Democrats, though it is expected that those will go towards Hillary as superdelegates tend to.

Winners were called in the early hours of the evening, and few were surprised.  Both New Yorkers won the New York Primary, businessman Donald Trump and former NY Senator Hillary Clinton.  Both Trump and Clinton were polling higher than their opponents and expected to take the state handily.

New York – Democrats

Hillary Clinton – 57.9%

Bernie Sanders – 42.1%

New York – Republicans

Donald Trump – 60.5%

John Kasich – 25.1%

Ted Cruz – 14.5%

Next Tuesday, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Rhode Island vote, so pray for us up here in New England who will be going to the polls and casting our votes.  If your state primary is coming up, make sure you are registered and know where to vote! Make sure your voice is heard, or you’ll regret it when the results start rolling in.


Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member