Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has announce his presidential endorsement Tuesday morning during a Milwaukee radio show appearance.  He endorsed Senator Ted Cruz.   Last week, Governor Walker made it clear that he would eventually endorse Senator Ted Cruz. He has long expressed his skepticism of Donald Trump’s campaign.  He also said during a radio interview last Wednesday that Ohio Gov. John Kasich “cannot” win the nomination mathematically by the number of delegates left up for grabs. Governor Walker said that he would time his endorsement for “maximum impact.”  Will this endorsement help Senator Ted Cruz take the state of Wisconsin when they vote on April 5th? Current polling, via RCP Polling Average, has Senator Ted Cruz with 30.3% and Donald Trump at 32%.

Governor Walker was once a candidate for the Republican party to the 2016 election.   Early on, Walker was viewed as a front runner in the race; however, Walker saw a decline in both polling and campaign funds.  He suspended his campaign on September 21st, 2015 and asked other candidates to do the same, so that the party could rally around a conservative alternate to Donald Trump.

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Amanda O