We all know money matters. Enterprise is what makes the world go round. However, what many fail to realize is that the business you purchase goods from matter. Business are HUGE contributors to both political parties, and knowing the party that your favorite corporations line the pockets of can and should play a role in where you cast your monetary vote. To help, here is a list of well known businesses and the breakdown of where your money goes once it leaves your pocketbook and hits their bank accounts.


1. Walmart


58% Republican 42% Democrat

This big name department store sells everything from apparel to auto merchandise. Wal-Mart made 421.89 billion (Yes, billion with a B) in revenue last year, according to Business Insider. In 2010, Wal-Mart had over two million dollars of political contributions- with 58% of those fundsgoing to the GOP and Republican candidates.


2. McDonald’s


55% Republican 45% Democrat

The international burger chain McDonalds contributed over 600,000 to partisan politics in 2010, with a little over half the pie going to the right. So, go ahead and get that McDouble. You’re halfway supporting your party and not at all supporting your diet plan.


3. Chick-Fil-A


90% Republican 10% Democrat

It might come as a bit of a shock that the home of “Jesus Chicken” has any contributions to the left, but ten percent of Chick-Fil-A’s thirty five thousand dollar contribution in 2010 went to Democrats.


4. Coach Leatherwear


2% Republican 98% Democrat

That’s right ladies- it’s time to mourn. Almost all of Coach’s 69,780$ contributions in 2010 went to the left. Somehow, we will rebuild.


5. Macy’s


54% Republican 46% Democrat

Macy’s donated over 172 million in 2010. Although Macy’s is a purple corporation, it is noted as a Top 50 business for female CEOs by NAFE in 2009.


6. Victoria’s Secret


75% Republican 25% Democrat

With only five thousand dollars of contributions reported in 2010, the political tilt of this women’s apparel line is a bit skewed. However, VS is a subsidiary of Limited Brands, who contributed 367,824$ to Republicans in 2010.


7. Bath and Body Works


29% Republican 71% Democrat

While it seems like the brand that keeps so many of us smelling of Sweet Pea or Japanese Cherry Blossom has a smelly contribution record, but just like Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works is a subordinate of Limited Brands.


8. Target


68% Republican 32% Democrat

Everyone’s favorite store just got 68% better. Target contributed over $490,000 to the GOP in 2010 and supports service projects for education and fine arts.


9. Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay

65% Republican 35% Democrat

With a little over six thousand in contributions reported for 2010, Mary Kay had little impact in big business politics.


10. Barnes and Noble


4% Republican 96% Democrat

Only 7,550 dollars of this popular chain bookstore’s 205,862$ contributions went to the Republican Party in 2010. The corporation does, however, promote literacy and high learning opportunities.