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Violence erupted in Charlotte, North Carolina during the second night of protests of the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.  Scott was an armed black man shot in parking complex of the Omni hotel in downtown Charlotte.

.Early in the evening, Mayor Roberts of Charlotte urged the protesters to not turn violent.  The mayor said to “go home and tell everyone violence is not the answer.” This was in an effort to respect the wishes of Scott’s family. Mayor Roberts told CNN that protests in other parts of Charlotte were remaining peaceful.  However, events soon escalated in a protest outside of the Omni hotel in downtown Charlotte.  Protesters began to become aggressive and violent, lighting trashcans on fire and throwing objects onto cars and into crowds of individuals. Protesters also vandalized the buildings in the area, spray painting “black lives matter” onto various windows within the area.

Police officers arrived in riot gear at the protest.  They began to dispense tear gas to the protestors who turned violent. While many protesters began to disperse following the spraying of tear gas, several remained while shouting,hands up don’t shoot” and “black lives matter.” One protester was shot by a fellow civilian and believed to be killed, but the city of Charlotte later disclosed that the man is currently on life support.  

According to the city, one police officer has been injured.  The officer was transported to the hospital, though his injuries are unknown. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has issued a state of emergency.  This will “deploy the National Guard and Highway Patrol to assist local law enforcement.”  McCrory  stated that, “the main thing I’m doing is providing assets to the police department.”

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