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Class {adj} : of high quality, integrity, status, or style

Scroll down your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed. Take a stroll around your local mall or street. Even take a look around your classes and campus. The days of good manners, class, and poise are quickly coming to an end. Girls are posting pictures on social media leaving little to the imagination, the hookup culture in our society is stronger than ever, and class is becoming something that people only attend, and even that usually doesn’t happen. What’s happening to our society?

At least once a week, I scroll down my Pinterest board of young adults and ladies in the 1950’s and constantly ask myself, why wasn’t I born then? I dream of a time where relationships were real, women wore dresses and embraced femininity, and a fun weekend was a trip to the diner and the drive-in. But this doesn’t have to be something of the past.

Now, I’m definitely not advocating for poofy dresses every day, your girl loves her lululemon, and I enjoy my weekends on the town as much as the next person, but I think there are some crucial lessons about class to be learned from these days of old.

1) It’s OKAY to be Feminine

In the age of radical feminism and “free the nipple”, being and dressing feminine is going out the wayside. Girls expose their bodies in the name of “empowerment” and throw all the modesty tips their mothers gave them out the window. But I would argue that covering your body and embracing your individuality instead of your physique is the most empowering thing you can ever do as a woman. Make people see you, not just your body

2) Put Time and Effort into Relationships

After watching Bye Bye Birdie as a little girl, I dreamed of dating a boy in high school who would give me his class ring. Little did I know that this simple sentiment has long expired in teenage relationships. Our generation has more commitment issues than any other generation before us. But these relationship issues go farther than romantic. People often get caught up in the everyday whirlwind of life, and neglect their friendships for their fast lifestyle. (c’mon we’re all guilty) But maybe it wouldn’t hurt to take a trip to the diner one night and invest some time and effort into these relationships.

3) Have Common Courtesy

Handwritten thank-you notes. Opening the door for others. Holding the umbrella for someone else. Housewarming gifts. All these are signatures of a classy lady. But who said these mannerisms have to end? All of these small acts of kindness make a big difference. People take notice when you go out of your way to help them, and it makes both you and the other person feel so much better. So go on, buy that person’s Starbucks behind you in line.

I refuse to believe that class is something of the past, and it is our goal as young women to continue these habits of class and poise. Together we can show society that we won’t bend to their expectations of young people today.

In the words of Ron Burgundy, “Keep it classy, Future Female Leaders”.

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