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Smart political minds know that reading is one of the most rewarding habits you can develop to advance your career. When you are reading, you are learning. Something I realized as I started reading more was how much I was spending on this new obsession of mine. When you read as much I do, you start to notice how expensive each new book is. I’ve found a few resources to help feed my hunger for knowledge without breaking the bank.


The first tool, Audible, is relatively popular. However, it’s a must for this list because of the value it provides. Audiobooks are wonderful for remaining productive during long work commutes. The great thing is, Audible has a monthly membership fee that allows you to download a new book each month – regardless of the price of the book. This is a great way to get newer books at a discounted rate.

For those of you that love joy of holding a physical book in your hand, the next two tips are for you.


The second resource I am in love with is Thriftbooks. I stumbled upon this website one day when I was looking for cheaper books and it was exactly what I was searching for. Most of the books I’ve purchased on here are classics like 1984 and Catch 22. These books usually range from $3-$5 and even though they are used, they are in great condition. I was even able to purchase hardcovers of the entire Harry Potter series for $24. Another great thing about this site is that shipping is free on orders of $10 or more.

Book Sale Finder

My last trick for getting unbelievably good deals on books is Booksalefinder. This website tells you when local libraries or used book stores will having a big book sale near you. The book sales that I like best are put on by local libraries and they occur multiple times a year in my area. Earlier this month I purchased three books at a local library’s book sale. One of the books was “Character is Destiny” by John McCain and I got it for $2. To make the deal even better, when I got home I noticed the book was autographed by John McCain himself. So, remember to keep an eye out for lucky finds like that one!

Reading for fun is an excellent way to continually improve yourself and understand problems with a new perspective. I hope these resources alleviate some of the financial burden that comes with collecting a large library and encourage you to dive into a new book today.

Erica E