TGIF, am I right ladies? Before you’re off to start your weekend, we’re here with Conservative Women Weekly. From op-eds to style to advocating for issues they care about, here are 4 ways that conservative women dominated the week.

Conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett Joins Shakespeare Theater Company for Winter Mock Trial

Several times a year, the Shakespeare Theater Company invites distinguished judges and lawyers from around the country to the theater to perform a mock trial based on a play the theater has performed that season. This year’s Winter Mock Trial was based on Peter Pan and featured conservative Judge and Supreme Court hopeful Amy Coney Barrett.

Judge Barrett currently serves on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. She flew into DC to perform the mock trial to determine if Peter Pan had maliciously kidnapped the Darling children or if it was just harmless fun. Judge Barrett’s questions focused on the legality of Pan’s entrance to the United Kingdom from Neverland and the safety of the children during their trip. Her final decision on the panel ruled in Pan’s favor, advocating that Wendy was a trailblazer for women’s rights in Neverland.

Nikki Haley has Double Feature in Clapping Back at Biden and Publishing WSJ Op-Ed

Nikki Haley is standing up for conservative women and capitalism this week. When Biden began to say that Haley “didn’t have the brains” for her position, Haley clapped back in a tweet saying challenging Biden to a debate to prove her intelligence. As usual, Haley did not back down. She stood up for herself and challenged Biden to put his money where his mouth is. And of course, she ended it with some southern charm dropping  #GodBlessJoe.

Also this week, Haley dropped a Wall Street Journal op-ed defending capitalism as the left moves toward socialism. Her historical take on the benefits of free markets do not only remind us how dangerous socialism is, but also why capitalism must be as open and free as possible. Haley’s defenses on multiple fronts is a good reminder that advocacy has many different angles.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao Pushes for Innovation on Aging Infrastructure

Before the U.S. House Appropriations Committee on Thursday, Transportation Secretary Chao told Appropriators that “a faster and more cost-effective method” should be pursued to fix the  Hudson River tunnels, instead of waiting to build new tunnels. The tunnels have been badly damaged since the 2012 Superstorm Sandy.

“New and innovative methods for repairing the North River Tunnel while still in operation, could allow Amtrak to commence repairs in this tunnel as much as 10 years ahead of schedule,” she said in her budget testimony.

Secretary Chao is a long advocate for saving money in government and her push for innovation to solve problems will likely prevent the Agency from wasting time and money on solutions that do not work.

Melania and Ivanka’s India Style Guide Make Headlines

At first, it was frustrating to see every article about Melania and Ivanka Trump’s trip to India focus on their clothing choices. Admittedly, women are often noticed for their style more than their substance, but on this trip Melania and Ivanka proved that “fashion diplomacy” is real and style can have substance as well.

Article after article, mostly from foreign media outlets, highlighted Melania’s “Indian touches” to her outfits. Including dawning a green and gold embroidered sash made from a vintage Indian textile the designers found in Paris through a collector. Ivanka’s style was described as a “simple yet powerful statement” in her classic white sherwani at a ceremonial welcome for President Trump.

As India Today put it, “History is proof that fashion has always been instrumental for people to make both social and political statements. With US President Donald Trump and the First Lady Melania Trump’s maiden two-day state visit to India, it was obvious that Melania’s sartorial choices would be taken note of right from when she disembarked from Air Force One at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad on Monday.”

We love conservative queens who can make a statement with style.

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