Welcome to the fifth week of Conservative Women Weekly! CWW by Future Female Leaders is a weekly installment to celebrate women’s achievements and accomplishments within the conservative movement. Here are four ways conservative women rocked the week.

Ivanka Trump rolls out the “Women, Peace, and Security Strategy”
On Tuesday, Ivanka Trump unveiled her new global women’s initiative to bring more women into the room when discussing security efforts and global peace engagements. This bipartisan plan will work to increase the role of women when working on various political, governmental, global peace, security, and civic projects all around the world.

Martha McSally spoke out about her experience in the military and how to bridge the military/civilian divide

Senator McSally is no stranger to standing up for women and veterans from across the country. This week, the freshman Senator from Arizona spoke at the ADC Summit to discuss how to heal the divide between military members and civilians. McSally brought many fresh ideas to the table and showed her support for the men and women who fight for our freedoms.

Joni Ernst announces her 2020 campaign kickoff with special guest Nikki Haley

With 2020 being right around the corner, campaigning is just getting started. Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is launching her re-election campaign June 15th at her event “Roast and Ride” with special guests Nikki Haley, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), and Iowa Republican Governor, Kim Reynolds. Ernst has been an inspiration for women, especially these past few months, when she shared her story of being sexually assaulted in college. Senator Ernst has been a strong supporter of women and actively works to raise awareness for sexual assault and harassment.

Allie Stuckey chaired the Young Women’s Leadership Summit at 37 weeks pregnant

Allie Stuckey helped to plan, chair, and run the Young Women’s Leadership Summit this past weekend in Dallas, Texas at 37 weeks pregnant. Set to deliver her baby girl extremely soon, Allie has worked non-stop to continue to inspire women. Allie has always been an incredible role model for conservative women and hosts her podcast, Relatable, where she shares her conservative and theological views, helping to make more women aware of their conservative movement and their beliefs.

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