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Every week, FFL will bring you timely stories you need to know about Republican and conservative women.  As you might be aware, Republican and conservative women don’t often get the media attention or celebration as their liberal counterparts do. We hope these stories, and these women, will be a inspiration for you and your desire to succeed and thrive in the path in which you choose.

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Here are 4 ways Republican women shined this week.

Senator Martha McSally introduces Combating Military Sexual Assault Act to Congress

As you might remember, Senator McSally bravely shared her own experience with sexual assault in the military during her time in the Air Force. The bill is designed to increase support for victims after they report sexual assault. It is also designed to improve the investigation and judicial process around the cases. The Senator also makes it clear that she intends to do her to part as a Senator to work to prevent sexual assault in the military from happening in the first place.

Representative Carol Miller wants to help more Republican women get elected to Congress

Carol Miller is the only new Republican woman elected to the House in 2018, but she’s already gotten taken charge. Representative Miller is new member of the GOP whip team. She tells CNNPolitics that “I didn’t run because I was a woman. I ran because I cared a lot about my state, I never let my gender identify me.” Nonetheless, she recognizes it can be  challenge to run for office as a Republican woman. She wants to do her part to assist the women who come after her as she wrote in an op-ed in The Hill. Empowered women empower women.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signs Alabama Human Life Protection Act into law

Towards the end of the week, social media was lit aflame with news of the Alabama abortion bill.  As many preached that men should not be making decisions about women’s bodies, Governor Kay Ivey, a woman, signed it into law. In addition, Representative Terri Collins, a woman, introduced the bill to the Alabama House last month. No matter where you stand on the new Alabama law, Kay Ivey is an example is standing strong in her beliefs even when facing national backlash.

Republican women are looking to elect more GOP women in 2020 and beyond.

We currently have 13 Republican women in the House. That’s 10 less than we had just last year. Representative Elise Stefanik stated we’re at crisis level of GOP women in Congress. Many in the party now recognize this. There is an organized effort to increase the number of Republican women representation in 2020 election and beyond. So far, it seems like the effort is off to a great start as Representative Stefanik shared over 140+ right of center women have expressed interest for running for office in 2020.

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Amanda O