Your weekly roundup of Republican women wins this week is here! Let’s take a look at just a few of the many GOP ladies who made an impact this week.

Senator Susan Collins and Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao announce funds to improve infrastructure in Maine

GOP powerhouses Senator Susan Collins and Secretary Elaine Chao announced a partnership to improve infrastructure in Collins’ home state of Maine. The $61 million in federal funds will go toward repairing and replacing several bridges in the state. Collins and Chao are hopeful that the infrastructural upgrades will bolster the Maine economy and improve the quality of life for residents of the state.

Meghan McCain stands her ground on Second Amendment rights

The View’s Meghan McCain used the kick start to her third season on the show to advocate for Second Amendment rights. In a fiery segment, McCain spoke out for the right to defend oneself, remarking, “I’m not living without guns.” When her co-hosts argued against her point and claimed that many people live in fear of being involved in a public shooting, she insisted that she feels safe because “I can protect myself.” Her stance, though said in front of an audience that can be generally unfriendly to Republicans like McCain, is not uncommon for the American public. In fact, McCain noted in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that her voice on the show is one that represents “50 percent of the country” and she takes that responsibility to heart.

Ivanka Trump takes her female empowerment plan to Colombia

As we noted in last week’s edition, Ivanka Trump headed to South America as part of her Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative in the Trump administration. During her visit to Colombia on Tuesday, Trump launched the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs “to equip women with the practical skills they need to create sustainable businesses and to participate more fully in the global economy.” It is an exciting outreach for Trump and her participation in her father’s administration. More importantly, this is a necessary initiative for women in countries like Colombia where the barriers to partake in the economy can be difficult to overcome.

Senator Shelley Moore Capito solidifies funds to help fight opioid epidemic in West Virginia

Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia announced that West Virginia will receive $35 million in federal funding to fight against the opioid epidemic. These grants from the Department of Health and Human services will be important for West Virginia, which has been hit particularly hard by the epidemic. Capito played an integral role in securing these grants, ensuring that the funding would prioritize states facing the crisis at a similar magnitude.

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