With over 250,000 College Republicans and 1,800+ chapters on college campuses around the country, the College Republican National Committee is rapidly growing. Even though the organization is 124 years old, it is more prominent now than ever before. With the help of the National Chairman Alexandra Smith, the CRNC has gained national recognition and grabbed many millennial activists’ attention along the way.

Being involved with a College Republicans chapter is much more than being in a fun social club on campus. CRNC is reaching more young voters than anyone else in the political world. The influence the CRNC has on millennials has increased drastically within the last several years. It has also been noted that within the last couple of years, the younger generation of voters have become increasingly more liberal in their policy ideas and would rather not belong to a political party at all. With the help of the CRNC, many conservative students have gained a voice on campus. They are no longer afraid to speak up against their liberal classmates and professors or host prominent Republican figures on campus. The confidence that the College Republican National Committee has given to young conservatives has helped them succeed on and off campus.

Since the 2012 election, the number of eligible millennial voters has grown to rival the size of baby boomers, and the College Republican National Committee has mastered the art of communication with the younger generation. In its latest report, Growing Up GOP, the CRNC realized that if voters between the ages of 18-29 would have performed as well as other age groups in the election, Mitt Romney would have become president. The organization is so effective because it realizes how important the youth vote is to win an election. Instead of promoting its ideals on radio, television, or newspapers, it turns to social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram. The CRNC promotes itself by intriguing millennial minds in their own language. Because the CRNC uses new, innovative ideas instead of old, worn out ones, it has successfully created a brand that can move with the changing times.

The biggest misconception about Republicans is that they are old, rude, white men. The College Republicans all over the country have successfully debunked that theory. They have confirmed that there is indeed a diverse pool of intelligent, kind people in the Republican Party. When asked about being labeled unkind, Alexandra Smith stated in this report with Dana Perino, “That doesn’t mean compromising what we believe in; that means showing up, starting a conversation, and showing them that our principles have lifted more people out of poverty and oppression–more than any other set of governing principles throughout time.”

With the help of its fresh ideas and youthful spirits, the CNRC has changed the opinions of millions across the country about the Republican Party–for the better.

The College Republican National Committee deserves a round of applause for all of the hard work and dedication it has put into making the CR’s the best party on campus. It has helped thousands of young voters realize their true potential and help develop their values to the truest form. Being involved with the CRNC has been a truly amazing experience and I could never repay this organization for giving me this chance to grow and better myself as a Republican.

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Sydney H
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