There has been many changes at Fox News Channels in previous weeks. This week is proving to be no different. Today, it was announced Sandra Smith, Harris Faulkner, and Dana Perino will be hosting shows at 9am, 1pm and 2pm, respectively.

“Harris, Dana and Sandra are rising stars and their combined background and expertise across news, business and politics will enable us to provide a more in-depth look at the major stories breaking out of Washington, and around the country,” stated Jay Wallace, president of news for Fox News.

Harris Faulkner has been with Fox News Channel since 2005. She is most known for her appearances co-hosting the noon show, Outnumbered. Faulkner will also continue to be a host of the show. She will be taking over the 1pm time slot. The show will be called Outnumbered Overtime.

We have watched Dana Perino for years on the Five and guest host on other programs at the channel. She will now be hosting her own show in the 2pm slot. The show will be called The Daily Briefing.  The name of the show is fitting, as prior to her gig at Fox News, Perino was press secretary under George W. Bush. No need to worry, she will remain on the Five, which just yesterday switched back to it’s original 5pm time.

Sandra Smith will join Bill Hemmer as the new co-host of America’s Newsroom at 9am. Shannon Bream previously left the post to host a new show in the 11pm time slot. Smith is known for her appearances as a reporter for Fox Business Network and a co-host on Outnumbered, a post she will keep with this new move.

Congratulations to these three women. This new line up will kick off Monday, October 2nd on Fox News Channel.

Amanda O