With the New Year ringing in, New York City is also ringing in a new policy regarding gender choice. Now, parents have the option to choose the gender that is listed on their child’s birth certificate once they are born. Not only do they get to choose the gender of the newborn baby, they also now have three options to pick from: Male (M), Female (F), or Gender Neutral (X). Previously, people would have to receive a signed affidavit from a healthcare provider in order to change their assigned gender officially on their birth certificate. This new policy gets rid of that requirement completely. This may seem like a step forward for the LGBTQ+ community, but there are many dangers that are overlooked, especially when it comes to parents assigning their child’s gender at birth.

By straying from a child’s God given gender and assigning them a different gender before they can speak for themselves or truly understand the concept of gender, parents are creating gender dysphoria in a child when it may not be present. A child may be born a boy, and actually want to be a boy. A child may be born a girl, and actually want to be a girl. By changing the child’s gender right when they are born, parents may be creating a mental health issue and flat out confusion for the child as they grow up.

Aside from creating a potential mental illness that could have been avoided, changing a child’s gender before they have a say in it is completely contradictory of the intent.  It is not a parent’s job to tell a child that they are not actually the gender that they were born as. If that child grows up and feels it is necessary that they switch their assigned gender, then that is a bridge that they should cross when they get to the age where they have the education to make the decision on their own. A parent does not know, at the time of birth, which gender their child would like to identify as. As a matter of fact, a lot of children do not know until they are a teenager. Many young girls grow up playing sports with the boys and would rather do that than play dolls with the other girls, but that does not mean that they are a boy. Many young boys don’t enjoy getting dirty outside and would rather stay inside and play dolls with their sisters, but that doesn’t mean that they are a girl.

By facing children with these issues, we are creating confusion and altering their development. Passing laws like New York City has is detrimental to children. Let kids grow up as kids, stop self-inflicting issues, and don’t over complicate things. For the sake of children everywhere, keep them away from issues that should not be addressed until they are teenagers.

Karly H