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I’m a sucker for reality TV. I would call that a guilty pleasure except that it’s not a guilty pleasure if I don’t feel guilty. I found myself watching this reality show on Fox called Coupled in 2016. It wasn’t the greatest dating reality show, which explains why it got canceled, but I continued to watch. One person on the show caught my eye. This extremely bubbly girl who was unforgiving in her goofiness. In a scene where she talked with a prospective boyfriend, the conversation turned deep. She made it clear that her political positions were important to her and that she wouldn’t change herself for anyone. What made her the unicorn of reality TV was that she was a conservative who defended herself without portraying conservatives negatively. Seeing that, I raced to her social media. I found myself laughing at her tweets where she was bluntly honest and self-deprecating. The show may have turned out to be a bust, but Alex Clark has been on the up and up ever since.

Alex is from Southern Indiana just across the river from Louisville, KY. She is a on-air radio personality. She co-hosts her own morning show called the “The Joe and Alex Show” on Radio NOW 100.9 in Indianapolis, IN. This show is so popular that it went from the 15th place to 2nd place in less than year. Alex Clark is a gem and she loves Future Female Leaders just like we do. She is a young conservative woman killing it in the media industry. Here is some insight into her beliefs and how she maintains the courage to speak out:

When did you realize you were a conservative? Was there a defining moment where you came to the conclusion that you leaned to the right?

I grew up with extremely right wing parents who listened to conservative talk radio and watched conservative news 24/7 so I was always around it. However, when Obama was running the first time I got sucked into the hype on MySpace and I remember getting a little Obama poster at a hipster coffee shop. I would’ve been 14 or 15 and I stuck it up in my bedroom mirror. I remember my dad didn’t tell me to take it down or anything but he did have a discussion with me explaining how Democrats believed in the distribution of wealth, and some policies that Barack Obama wanted to bring to the White House. Honestly after really listening to the differences in how Democrats believe the country should be ran, versus how Republicans believed the country should be ran it all just clicked with me. I remember thinking to myself, “How could anyone vote for these (leftist) policies? It just makes sense to vote Republican!”

When I have heard you talk politics, I have noticed that you listen to the other side of the aisle and you are respectful but I am wondering, have you ever lost a friend over politics? If yes, why?

I have learned that with my job and being a public figure, it’s important to me that my fans or followers that don’t align with my views still feel like they’re a part of the “family.” So I always just say “agree to disagree” and am kind. I don’t care if someone voted for Hillary or loved Bernie. I lose zero sleep at night. I spend absolutely no time dwelling and worrying about someone else’s personal views. For some reason however, I have noticed for those on the left, they let other people’s viewpoints bother them so much that it causes emotional stress for them which is so silly in my opinion. Live and let live! Some of my close best friends who are very liberal unfollowed me on Twitter because they don’t like stuff I tweet or retweet. It kind of hurt my feelings a little, because I love them no matter what and no matter who they voted for, it wouldn’t change that. I can’t relate to the mentality of getting so upset that someone believes differently than I do, that I have to unfriend or unfollow them. I just have to roll with it and know that the RIGHT way isn’t always the popular way.

You stood up for your beliefs on national television. What was that like? Were you worried about the reactions of others?

When I found out my pro-life conversation was going to air, I knew without a doubt, that I was going to be annihilated and burned alive via social media. I braced myself for it, and when it was airing I started getting all of these messages, comments, and tweets of people saying they AGREED with me! Either people were saying they agreed, or if they didn’t, they said it was inspirational to see a woman on technically a “first date” be so strong in her convictions. That blew me away and was so unexpected. In that moment I decided to really own who I was and what I believed in on all of my social media no matter what.

What were the reactions of people on social media or your family and friends?

My family and close friends were so proud of me for not being afraid to say I was pro-life since most of them feel the same way. It was an empowering moment.

You work in radio. Has your political affiliation ever gotten you in trouble or kept you from accomplishing something?

There has been a time where a client wasn’t sure they wanted me to endorse their product anymore because of my views. My response was simple. If you didn’t like me for me then you’re right, I probably shouldn’t endorse your product. When I was interviewing for the job I have now, I was interviewing with an urban radio company. I knew that almost everyone who’d be above me most likely had pretty liberal views. I wanted to be honest and straightforward that I was a Republican and I’m vocal about it on my social media. I don’t get political on the air really because that isn’t the type of format where you really do that. We’re playing Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Demi Lovato. It’s not the place to go in on foreign policy and that would only alienate a large portion of our audience which would be stupid. I was expecting not to get the job because they’d be too nervous to hire me with my beliefs, but Radio One surprised me by being excited for me to join! They actually love that I’m so opinionated and have very strong views because it makes any advice or input I give on the show more unique. They defend me and encourage me to be myself which is more than I could ask for from a company to work for.

Who is your political role model?

I have a huge girl crush on Dana Loesch. She reminds me of me a lot because she has a certain “try me” attitude towards her haters. I love her confidence and boldness. She’s also absolutely hysterical and unapologetic and when I listen to her show sometimes I’m like “I can’t believe she just said that!” And a lot of my listeners say the same thing about listening to me. I would love to meet Dana and give her the biggest hug!

I know you have some FFL apparel, so what is your favorite FFL item that you wear?

In the summer I live in these little pink and lime green mesh running shorts that have a Republican elephant on them. I also love wearing FFL stuff to work and seeing my co-workers faces. They usually yell “MAGA” at me in a cheeky way which is really funny.

Where can people find you on social media?

I’m @yoalexrapz on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter! Alex On Air on Facebook. You can listen to our show every single day in the podcast app if you don’t live in Indy.  Just type in The Joe and Alex Show. You can also find us online at

If you want to laugh, slow clap, or finally not feel alone in your obsession with chicken nuggets, give Alex a follow!

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