In the past few years that I’ve been outspoken about my political views, I’ve received a lot of hatred from the from liberal feminists.

For example:


“20 year old prat”

“You must hate yourself.”

“You should’ve been aborted.”

“Please don’t breed.”

“Stupid, self-absorbed, mindless twat…”

“You disrespect your own gender.”

“You’re a bigot.”

“Prissy *ss, first class b****.”

“Please educate yourself.”

“Oh, you’re an idiot lmaooo”

“You are literally … voting against yourself”

Every single one of these is a real comment that I have received from a liberal feminist. This is just a sample of many. Admittingly, they have given me a good laugh, but I wish more liberal feminists would be willing to have a civil discussion with me rather than just spew hatred.

Dear liberal feminists, please challenge my views. I cannot count how many times you have responded to my political opinions with insults rather than meaningful critiques or civil comments. Next time one of my political posts upsets you, I challenge you to prove me wrong. I’ll be happy to engage in a civil conversation. If you’re going to rely on name calling or other insults, it is safe for me to assume that you lack the political knowledge to discuss our political differences in a courteous manner.

Your hatred towards conservative women is one of the reasons why us conservative women are so critical of the modern day feminist movement. You claim to support all women but in reality, it seems you only seem to support liberal women. You’ll attack every woman that disagrees with you on abortion, government mandated wages, or taxpayer funded birth control. Instead of asking us conservative women to explain why we believe what we do, you would rather just dub us as “ignorant” because it’s easier than having your views challenged.

If you want more women to take the modern day feminist movement seriously, then start taking the opinions of all women seriously. Ask us conservative women why we disagree with your opinion on the wage gap, abortion, or taxpayer funded birth control. Our answers might surprise you. No, we do not disagree with you because we do not support equality or women’s rights. Rather, we disagree with you on the wage gap because we believe there are other factors, such as amount of time spent working, that contribute to the wage gap. When it comes to abortion, conservative women are pro-life because science indicates that fetuses are indeed human beings, and it is wrong to kill innocent human beings. While some liberal feminists tend to claim that conservatives are opposed to birth control, the reality is, we do not care whether women use birth control. However, we do not think the government should pay for your birth control – especially when the United States is already twenty trillion dollars in debt.

While us conservative women do care about equality and love to see women making strides in their respective fields, we simply disagree with the policies pushed by the modern day feminist movement. So, in 2018, let’s stop with the name calling – on both sides. We do not have to agree with each other to treat each other with respect.