Tonight was the third Democratic Debate in the primary season, hosted by ABC News in New Hampshire. The debate mainly covered foreign policy and national security, as most of the issues Americans are concerned about are regarding these two topics. But again with the strange Saturday night timeslot, the amount of people reached was much lower than what it could have potentially reached, making us wonder what the Dems were thinking while scheduling. But no worries, in case you missed the #DemDebate last night, here are the main events.

Bernie Apologized to Hillary

The debate started with Bernie apologizing to Hillary for his aide who accessed her campaign’s private data. Hillary was overall accepting of the apology, but O’Malley criticized the entire situation by claiming that in light of all the events happening in our world today, this incident was not important. The entire incident was quickly abandoned however, and the remainder of the debate focused on other issues. .

Hillary Criticizes Trump Constantly

From calling him ISIS’s “best recruiter”, to constantly bringing up his name, Hillary used every opportunity to distance herself from Trump on the conservative side. But I found it a little fishy that no other Republican nominee was mentioned throughout the entire debate, just Donald.

A Call for Sanders to “Join the Democrats”

This debate really pointed out how Sanders differs from Clinton and O’Malley on foreign policy, gun control, and other various issues, and at one point, O’Malley even challenged Sanders to “join the democrats”. Bernie wasn’t even a member of the Democratic Party until a month ago, so this was a time for the other two candidates to show the main difference between their ideals.

After two long hours, the Democratic nominees failed to really bring anything new to the table and was instead a repeat of everything we have already heard the past few months. I look forward to how these debates will evolve throughout the primary season, and if the Dems will bring any new material to the table. Until next time.