With the Iowa Caucus only three days away, last night’s GOP debate was incredibly important to the candidates, as well as the campaign trail thus far. Fox News partnered with Google for the debate, giving extensive analytics and polls, as well as spotlighting YouTube stars with specific questions. This made the debate experience highly interactive, as well as tweeting with our hashtag #DebateWithFFL throughout the night. We hope you tweeted along with us last night, but if you missed it, here’s what went down in Iowa!

Bye Bye Trump

As you probably already knew, Donald Trump decided to skip out on the debate because of Fox News’ use of Megyn Kelly as a moderator and the aftermath with FOX News. Based on their previous disagreements, Trump viewed this as a reason to boycott the debate last night. With the lack of Donald’s presence on the stage, the candidates spent more time debating real issues and policies instead of showing the difference between themselves and Trump, a welcome change.

It Gets Personal

In the beginning of the debate, Cruz criticized Fox News for pitted the rest of the candidates against him. This set up the rest of the debate, which featured a lot of candidate vs. candidate discussions and criticisms. This included Rubio and Bush going back and forth over amnesty, and Rubio and Cruz attacking each other over their immigration policies as well. Fox News got personal as well, featuring well-edited clips of previous statements declared by the candidates and challenging them on those statements.

The General Election Is Coming Up

With the primary season officially upon us, the moderators took a stronger emphasis on the general election. They asked the candidates tough and challenging issues that would important to their success as the nominee for the general election. This included Ted Cruz’s lack of important endorsements, Jeb Bush’s family name and attack ads, Christie’s bridge scandal and Rubio’s third place placement in Iowa.